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Parks and recreation areas are community spaces where adults and kids play, exercise, gather and spend time outdoors. A day spent in the sun can make park-goers hot or cause a sunburn.If you're looking for ways to include shade for playgrounds, picnic areas and more, USA SHADE offers plenty of options. Shade structures allow people to stay cool and comfortable while enjoying the park's amenities.

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Home | Projects | PARKS & RECREATION

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Park shade structures perform essential functions in parks and recreational spaces, including:

  • Increasing the attractiveness of recreational facilities to visitors
  • Protecting children playing outside who are more vulnerable to heat exhaustion and sunburn
  • Increasing the longevity of and protecting park playground equipment from the sun’s rays
  • Keeping playground equipment cool in the hot sun
  • Providing parents and caregivers near the playground with comfort and protection from the sun’s heat and UV rays, underneath the cooling protection of a playground shade structure
  • Creating visually appealing playgrounds with brightly colored and uniquely shaped shade sails and other playground shade solutions

USA SHADE offers a range of attractive and functional shade solutions for park and recreational areas from shade sails to cantilever structures. Our playground and community partners want shade structures to keep visitors safe and comfortable. We also offer weather-proofing for an extra level of protection.

Shade structures can offer many benefits for kids and adults in parks and rec spaces, including:

  • Cooler temperatures: On a sunny day, park-goers can get hot if they’re outside for a while. Shade structures block direct sunlight, reducing the temperature underneath the shade by up to 25 degrees. Cool temperatures prevent overheating and allow guests to stay comfortable and enjoy the park longer.
  • Less UV exposure: UV rays can cause sunburns, even on a cloudy day. USA SHADE shade structures can block up to 96% of UV rays, reducing visitors’ exposure during their park visit.
  • Protection for park equipment: Constant sunlight can damage playground structures, picnic tables and other equipment. With a shade structure, these park features stay out of the sun, preventing colors from fading and materials from cracking so they last longer.

USA SHADE has many shade structures available. Choose a design that works with your space and brings an aesthetic appeal to your park. Some design options include:

  • Shade sails: A shade sail is a triangular-shaped cover that offers shade while allowing airflow. Install the shade at any height to accommodate the equipment underneath.
  • Park cantilevers: Cantilevers are single-post structures with an awning for shade. They’re ideal for areas with limited space.
  • Multi-panel shade structures: Bring shade and style to your park with a multi-panel shade structure. Choose from many awning shapes.
  • Custom shade structures: Want a unique shade structure for your park? We offer customizable shade structures to bring your special design to life.

USA SHADE understands that every park or recreational facility is different. A wide range of solutions are available with unique designs for your space anywhere across the United States. Whether you want a bright, attractive playground cover canopy to entice visitors or a shade structure that blends in seamlessly in space, our solutions are available in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, and styles. Our team can work with you to meet your project goals with a custom shade solution designed to meet your specifications.

If you’d like to explore custom solutions or get a free quote, contact us or browse our featured projects for inspiration. Don’t forget to ask about our funding and grant opportunities!