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Squares and Rectangles

  • Our most popular category
  • Base Plate, Recessed Base Plate, or Embed mounting designs
  • Shadesure® or Colourshade® FR (DSA-approved) fabrics available
  • Zinc-rich primer available for added corrosion protection around waterfront or wet areas
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Square and Rectangle shade structures might be right for you if you need:

  • A more budget-friendly shade solution
  • A simpler design that will not detract from structures already on the property
  • A flexible shade structure that can work for a variety of needs – from pool areas to picnic table areas, hip shade structures have versatile applications.
  • Shade structures with lengths and widths of up to 40 feet (though multiple structures can be combined to provide for an even larger shade area.)


If you’re investing in squares and rectangles shade canopy structures, you want a solution that’s tailor-made for your needs. Since USA SHADE offers so many commercial shade structure options, you may be able to find exactly what you want, already pre-designed. However, if you’re looking for a more personalized solution, our team of design experts can create custom squares and rectangles shade structure solutions that will allow you to get exactly the structure you need.

Whether you need a shade structure to help maximize your business’s branding (such as walkway cover in front of a retail space, complete with your logo), or are just looking for a simple solution to provide heat and UV protection, we can help. From shade structures for playgrounds to outdoor basketball courts, seating areas, and everything in between, all of our products are built to last. Our quality squares and rectangles shade structures can be made with Shadesure® or Colourshade® FR fabrics for top-notch quality and long-term use.

Whether you want to create a shaded seating space or make existing exterior space more attractive and comfortable, contact us to discuss design options. Our team of dedicated shade experts is more than happy to review solutions, answer your questions, and work through the process with you. With our extensive design capabilities and vast product offerings, as well as our knowledgeable team, we can help transform any outdoor spaces across the United States into an area you’ll love for years and years to come. Request a quote today!


The “workhorse” of our product line, Square and Rectangle shade structures are simple in design and cost-effective. Ideal for shading a wide variety of areas including pools, play spaces, outdoor seating, automotive detail areas, and more. The hip and pyramid roof designs features clean, straight lines – a popular look for surrounding buildings and structures. A selection of these structures are part of our quick ship program with turnaround times as soon as four weeks.