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Architectural Studio


The USA SHADE Architectural Specialist Division is an unparalleled resource of shade experts who specialize in design collaboration. We partner with Architects, Landscape Architects, and other design professionals to efficiently integrate customized fabric structures into projects.


Group of Shades



Our Design Development Department (DDD) kicks off the beginning of the collaborative process by creating extensive visualizations of the project. They deliver a holistic view of the design to ensure it aligns with the client’s vision and meets their requirements.

People Designing on a computer


The DDD passes detailed information on to the Estimating Department where accurate estimates are developed to outline the expected price for the formal proposal.

Person doing estimates on paper for shades


The Project Design and Engineering Department creates a comprehensive 3D model, design drawings, and engineering calculations. After the client approves these submissions, our team patterns the fabric shape. In this phase, a 2D representation of the design is created by combining a series of templates into a fabric assembly.

A hard hat on blue prints

Project Management

The Project Management Department oversees all steps throughout the project. They use custom software to develop an efficient and cost-effective organizational plan, managing schedules, approvals, logistics, and much more to guide the project smoothly to completion.

Man in safety vest looking at shade structure


Our fabrication plant in Dallas, Texas is certified to meet or exceed the highest standards in the steel fabrication industry. It features a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment with a team of highly skilled professionals to guide the manufacturing process. They bring the design to life with the best materials available using cutting-edge technology.

Warehouse making shades


When the materials are ready, they are shipped to the job site quickly and conveniently, ensuring they are ready for installation according to the project deadline.

Truck carrying shade materials


Once the materials arrive, our specialty construction experts get to work installing your USA SHADE structure. Our highly skilled professionals ensure compliance with all applicable safety regulations and best practices, revealing a shade structure that is built to last.

Big machine installing shade structure into ground
shade structure out in public


Artfully addressing design considerations of fabric shade is our expertise. Discover striking structures with meaningful placemaking across a variety of market segments.

USA SHADE offers our architects, landscape architects, and other design professionals support and expert service to help your project come to life.

Let’s collaborate. Begin by requesting a FREE design consultation with our Architectural Specialists today.