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Shade structures for airports and other transportation facilities, such as bus or train stations, offer travelers and commuters relief from the heat of the sun that’s both effective and attractive. Airports with outdoor parking shade provide park-and-fly travelers with a cool welcome and added vehicle protection from natural elements.

Home | Projects | TRANSPORTATION

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Our shade structures for airports are the perfect union of form and function, offering many benefits that are attractive to travelers, including:

  • Comfortable parking spaces and shuttle waiting areas
  • UV-blocking fabrics for sun protection
  • Appealing designs to enhance the facility’s outdoor appearance


Our shade structures offer the following advantages to operators and parking vendors:

  • Customized shade structures tailored to your needs
  • Durable fabric, thread, and seams for the longevity of materials and lasting durability
  • Minimal maintenance of fabric-and-steel structure
  • Tough structures engineered to withstand winds up to 90 mph
  • Approved DSA structures for California
  • Shade structures give you an opportunity to increase your earnings.

With years of experience, USA SHADE has become the premier shade solutions provider in the U.S. Handling every step of the creation of shade structures for parking areas and other facilities gives us the ability to provide uncompromising quality and explore endless possibilities for custom solutions.