USA SHADE is a full-service design/build fabric shade structure manufacturer located in the U.S. with global shade structure project experience. Since 1991, we have been the pioneers, innovators and long-standing leader of the fabric shade structure industry in North America.

Our structures are designed, engineered, manufactured and installed by our experienced team of shade professionals. We are ready to assist you with your shade project requirements throughout the entire process, from concept and design to fabrication and construction.

Check out a full range of our projects across a variety of sizes and markets - from highly customized to standard structure options.

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Why Choose USA SHADE for Commercial Shade Structures?

Custom Shade Specialists

When it comes to custom shade structure projects, USA SHADE brings almost three decades worth of experience to our clients. USA SHADE is the leading full-service, design/build commercial shade manufacturer in the nation. Our in-house design and engineering team equips our clients with the ability to create fully custom designs for specific project needs and goals.

We've installed over 300,000 shade structures, many of which are custom design shade projects for a wide range of markets and applications.

Our team has worked on some of the largest and most unique shade structure projects in the country, alongside some of the top architecture, landscape architecture, construction and design/build firms. Our experience and in-house capability mean our clients can count on us to understand the complexities that come with highly customized fabric shade structures and to deliver the project on time and within budget.

Turnkey Design/Build Services

Not all shade structure providers offer services for every step of the project. USA SHADE is proud to offer turnkey design/build services in-house to our clients and has developed the necessary expertise in all steps of the process, not just the shade structure design itself.

Our services include:

  • Site-Specific Analysis

  • Conceptual design & sales engineering

  • Project design & engineering

  • Project management

  • Fabrication

  • Construction management & installation

As a result, our clients have the advantage and convenience of expert services in any part of the shade structure design/build process. They benefit from the security in knowing USA SHADE has the highest level of expertise in every facet of the business.

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100% Vertically Integrated Business

Not only do we offer services for every step of your project, we house all of those individual services in our US headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. This streamlines communications and allows USA SHADE to oversee and back quality assurance across the board for our services without extending our clients' project out to third-party vendors to produce.

In-House Architectural Division

Our Architectural Specialists are a unique division of shade experts that collaborate closely with architects, Landscape Architects, and other design professionals to integrate fabric shade structures into our clients' projects. This specialized team is experienced in working with the longer lifecycles of the built environment which often require multiple rounds of revisions, along with seamless collaboration.

USA SHADE knows our Architect and Landscape Architect clients need reliable and collaborative shade design partners to deliver functional and aesthetically designed shade projects on time and within budget. Our team is proud to work alongside some of the top architecture and landscape architecture firms in the country, and value our partnerships and track record of successful large-scale collaborative projects. For more information and additional resources like specification requests, please visit our Architectural Specialist Division page.

California DSA Approved

As the first fabric structure manufacturer to get Division of the State Architect (DSA) approval, we have the largest selection of DSA pre-approved fabric shade structures in the industry.

We are proud to provide California public schools with the highest quality and largest pre-approved selection available, which means more pre-approved shade structure options for our clients and ease-of-mind knowing that we are knowledgeable of the DSA approval process. Site-specific custom DSA shade designs are also possible through USA SHADE’s unmatched resources and capabilities.

GSA Contractor

As a General Services Administration (GSA) – approved vendor, USA SHADE is able to provide Federal Government Agencies with shade structure options. We hold GSA contract GS-03F-0001U under our contractor name Shade Structures, Inc.

We have worked with the US Military since we started in 1991, including a wide range of military shade projects for training centers, housing facilities, shooting ranges, and more.

IAS Accreditation

USA SHADE is an IAS Accredited Fabricator per Structural Steel (AC172). This is a third-party verification that we meet requirements as described in Chapter 17 of the IBC for structural steel, and also provides building departments a means to register and approve fabricators.

USA SHADE’s health, safety, and procurement information are verified through a third-party auditing process so that we can be transparent with our clients about safety and quality. Our IAS Certification provides our clients with a high level of security that USA SHADE consistently demonstrates the competency to implement quality and code compliance pursuant to project specifications.

Additional Affiliations

We are proud to work with over 20 strategic partners and affiliations to ensure a more streamlined shade project process and approval for our clients. Since we frequently are adding new partnerships, contact us if you are interested in partnering with us or have an additional recommendation. Some of our partners and affiliations include:

Pre-Designed Shade Structures

In addition to our custom shade projects, USA SHADE offers many pre-designed commercial shade structure options, including:

  • Cantilever shades — With one or two columns or posts for smaller spaces

  • Single-post shades — Which have a single center post and are commonly applied in water and theme parks

  • Specialty — Innovative modular structures that are unique in design

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