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When faith-based worship centers feature a comfortable space indoors and outside, visitors feel more welcome. A nice outdoor seating area or playground for members can make all the difference, especially with shade structures to keep visitors cool and offer protection from the sun.

top view of usa shades utilized in church court yard

Project Types


Worship centers are a gathering point for the community. People will be more likely to visit and join your congregation when the outdoor space is appealing. Shade structures have a wide range of functional and aesthetic benefits that your community will appreciate. USA SHADE structures can:

  • Provide year-round shade for multi-use spaces.
  • Add depth and increase use of space in landscape architecture.
  • Protect guests from UV rays.
  • Provide coverage for outdoor equipment or vehicles.

Our shade structures are a permanent solution that worship centers and the community will be able to enjoy for years to come. We are an experienced manufacturer and installer, so you can feel confident in every project we complete.

We have a wide variety of shade structures to meet the needs of just about any outdoor setting. Some popular options for worship centers include:

  • Two Post Linksfield: This smaller shade structure is perfect for short walkways or benches.
  • Flower Petals-Down: Our fun flower-shaped covering is ideal for playgrounds to keep kids out of the sun.
  • Hexagon Multi-Panel: The Hexagon covers a wide area and can be customized to fit any existing color scheme.
  • 6-Column Super Span Hip: This extended covering works well for outdoor recreation areas and playgrounds.

We also offer customized solutions to meet your design requirements. Work with USA SHADE and see how our shade structures for worship centers, churches, and other faith-based locations can positively impact your members and community.