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Agriculture and Farming

Livestock, plants and your workers can stay cooler and more productive with the help of our shade structures. Our structures can help deflect heat, which helps to keep your livestock and crops cooler. Whether it's for equipment storage, tanks, crops or livestock, we have shade products that help shield and protect.

sculpture garden shade structure
Home | Projects | Agriculture and Farming

Applications of Shade Structures for Agriculture

USA SHADE can serve many needs in the agriculture industry, including:

  • Greenhouse and gardening: Our shade structures can protect the various types of plants in your greenhouse by controlling the sun exposure each plant receives. We have worked with several garden centers and private companies throughout California, Texas and Arizona.
  • Livestock: Shade structures enhance your animals’ well-being by keeping them out of the heat and near their water sources. These structures are ideal for areas that need shade but don’t have any shade options, like trees.

We have many types of shade structures for these applications, including:

Benefits of Adding Shade Structures to Your Farm

Commercial greenhouses and garden spaces benefit from shade structures. The structures provide shade for crops that need some protection from the sun or thrive in shade. The fabric material can also reduce the chance of the produce scorching or bleaching. Shade structures can also help your business save resources. Plants under shade need less watering, so your greenhouse can use less water.

Besides your plants, shade structures can keep your employees and customers cool and comfortable. Shade structures offer several benefits for livestock, including:

  • Light transmission: The fabric cover provides shade yet allows some light to pass through, so the shade is not entirely dark. Some livestock, such as cows, prefer shaded spaces with a bit of light over dark spaces. For this reason, the animals may prefer a shade structure over a solid roof structure.
  • Air movement: The fabric material allows some air to pass through, keeping the animals cool.