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Pickleball Court

  • USA SHADE offers customized shade solutions for pickleball facilities, covering bleachers or courts.
  • Choose from our waterproof solutions to ensure your pickleball events proceed as planned, regardless of weather.
  • Our shade structures keep players, spectators, and guests comfortable by minimizing sun glare, dehydration, overheating, and sun damage.
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Whether your pickleball facility requires shade to cover the bleachers or the court, USA SHADE can create a shade solution to meet your needs. We can bring our eye for design and attention to detail to your facility next.


What is the USA SHADE difference? We’re known for unmatched levels of reliability and innovation, crafting solutions that can attract new visitors to your court and encourage them to return. Among the many benefits of adding pickleball court shade structures, you’ll find:

1. Improved Comfort

Whether they’re playing on the court, waiting on the sidelines or sitting in the bleachers, quality shade structures will keep your guests comfortable and cool. No matter the weather, shade helps visitors enjoy their time outside with a lowered chance of sun glare, dehydration, overheating or sun damage.

2. Protection From Sun Damage

It’s not only the athletes and fans that will appreciate the reprieve from harmful UV rays. Protecting your equipment, flooring and seating will extend their shelf life and prevent warping and fading.

3. New Life for Your Court

No matter your pickleball court’s age, our shade structures provide a unique opportunity to update your architecture and aesthetics. Our custom design allows you to choose colors, styles and branding that represent your facility and enhances the visual appeal of your space.

4. Extended Pickleball Opportunities Year-Round

From professional pickleball competitions to friendly weekend tournaments, there’s always a reason to hit the court. Whether your court hosts serious competitions or recreational hobbyists, incorporating shade structures opens it up for use year-round. Even during the peak of summer, visitors can enjoy playing comfortably outdoors.

Our waterproof solutions allow you to take advantage of our stunning, shade-enhancing structures in all kinds of weather. Installing a waterproof structure can make the difference between hosting an event as planned or having to cancel it due to a last-minute storm and the resulting risk of damage to your sound systems and equipment screens.

Along with keeping your equipment safe, a waterproof court shade structure will create a more enjoyable experience for attendees. As they watch and cheer from the stands or spectator area, they’ll stay dry and comfortable. You won’t have to worry about fans skipping the event due to rainy weather.

We’ll work with you to find the best fabric based on your functional and aesthetic needs. Our covered structures for pickleball courts are available in several high-performance options, including:

  • Novashield®: Works well for temporary and permanent structures, offering a cost-effective solution
  • PVC: Comes in many versatile design options, suitable for temporary and permanent structures
  • PTFE: Offers exceptional durability and flexibility for permanent structures

For more than 25 years, our team has helped create customized, long-lasting solutions for our clients. We’ve become trusted leaders in shade structure design and technology, standing apart from the competition thanks to features such as:

  • custom design approach that can help your facility find its best fit and style
  • Reliable and high-quality materials made with reputable engineering
  • Decades of industry expertise and insight into your facility’s priorities and needs
  • A full-service turnkey approach that includes conceptualization, design, manufacturing, project management and installation
  • Attention to detail that ensures functionality never comes at the cost of aesthetic appeal

Are you interested in partnering with USA SHADE to upgrade your pickleball courts with premium, tailored shade structures? We welcome your vision and ideas to see what custom shade structures for pickleball courts we can create together.

Our experienced team handles the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of all our shade structures. We’ll be with you at every step from your initial idea to installation, ensuring you receive the structure you’ve been envisioning. Experience peace of mind knowing your pickleball shade structure will exceed your expectations.

To learn more about our products and how they can best fit your facility, reach out to us today to request a quote.