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Give your location an innovative new look and competitive edge with a signature shade structure that is customized for your outdoor space. Our in-house design and engineering experts guide you through the customization process so that the final structure meets all of your exact requirements.

  • USA SHADE offers full design + build services from initial concept to installation
  • Our in-house Architectural Specialist Division partners with architects, landscape architects, and other design professionals to integrate custom fabric structures into many different types of projects
  • Base Plate, Recessed Base Plate, or Embed mounting designs
  • Shadesure or Colourshade FR (DSA-approved) fabrics available
  • Zinc-rich primer available for added corrosion protection around waterfront or wet areas


Wrap Around Hip

Wrap Around Hip

Wrap Around Hips are a great way to extend shade coverage down walkways, bus pick-up areas, outdoor seating, and more.

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Wrap Around Canti

Wrap Around Cantilever

This shade structure is designed to "wrap around" bleachers and dugout areas for baseball and softball fields. Fans can watch the games without worrying about the sun or column obstruction.

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Custom Design

Custom Design

Give your location an innovative new look and competitive edge with a signature shade structure that is customized for your outdoor space.

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Why Custom Shade Sails?

Custom shades from USA SHADE can help draw attention to your venue. A colorful shade in the shape of an animal above a playground, for example, can attract families to your play space. If you own a business such as a car wash, custom shade sails can create a long-term visual impression and can draw customers to you through bright colors and shapes. (Plus, they add an extra level of comfort for your visitors, cooling them off from the sun’s heat and harmful rays!)

USA SHADE's custom solutions are also a great option for those situations where traditional shades just won't do. Whether you need an extra-large shade to cover a big area or a shade to shield you from the elements while offering great sun protection, custom solutions keep you in the driver's seat and give you the results you want. We do a number of custom shade structure projects with architects and landscape architects, as well - we even have a dedicated Architectural Specialist Division. To learn more about how we support architects and landscape architects, click here and request a consultation.



Custom Shade Structures for A Variety of Applications

USA SHADE custom shade structures are used in a variety of applications, including:


  • Playgrounds, schools and play areas
  • Car washes and car dealerships
  • Car parking areas
  • Sports fields
  • Seating areas
  • Pools
  • Parks and recreation areas
  • Resorts and beaches
  • Airports
  • Condo and residential areas

Custom Shade Structures from USA SHADE 

USA SHADE makes it easy to create your custom option. Just contact USA SHADE today to get started designing!