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Replacement Shade Fabric

Is it time for your business to upgrade its shade structure? Perhaps your company is rebranding and needs a shade fabric replacement to reflect these changes. No matter the reason, USA SHADE can handle any shade structure replacement seamlessly, providing your business with high-quality solutions built to last. Our shade fabric sail replacements and repairs are only suited for USA SHADE-installed structures, ensuring we give our customers the products that last.

Shade Fabric Service Options

At USA SHADE, we offer fabric repairs and complete fabric upgrades and canopy replacements for playgrounds, parking lots, seating areas and many more settings. Shade structures must be in good condition to keep people protected from the weather — our repair and replacement services make this possible.

Fabric Repair

Shade sails continually endure harsh sunshine, heavy rain and strong winds. These weather conditions take a toll on the fabric after a while. There may be rips or sagging, reducing the shade structure’s effectiveness and appearance. We offer fabric repairs for shade sails that are no longer under warranty.

These once-torn shade sails will be in optimal shape after repairs, ready to keep people out of direct sunlight. They will also give your business a polished new look. Keep an eye out for signs of damage so we can tackle the replacement and leave you with a functional shade structure.

Fabric Replacement

There doesn’t have to be something wrong with the shade fabric for your business to need a shade sail replacement. Your business’s needs change constantly, so we are here to accommodate those changes by upgrading shade structures.

Our shade sails come in a variety of colors and types of fabric to suit different venues and business needs.

We only use fabric made from the highest quality materials in various colors, such as Shadesure® and Colourshade® FR fabric, which is approved by the Division of the State Architect (DSA). These durable fabrics have a long life span since they are resistant to mildew, outdoor heat, cold weather and discoloration, offering your business lasting value.

We specialize in fabrics designed to meet specific requirements based on your business’s needs to keep employees and customers sheltered. If your business needs something unique, we offer custom shade sail replacements. After all, it’s our goal to turn dreams into reality. Our Shade Consultants provide personalized assistance to ensure your business gets the perfect fabric color and design.

About Our Service

USA SHADE has provided shade structures throughout the U.S. for over 30 years, leading the industry with innovative designs and technology. We believe in building long-lasting partnerships with our clients, assisting them from installation to fabric replacement and repairs. If your current fabric is no longer under warranty, your business can look forward to a new warranty valid from the installation date.

Contact the Team at USA SHADE for Replacement Fabric

Whether your business needs urgent shade fabric repairs or a stylish new upgrade, you can count on USA SHADE to rise to the occasion. Contact us to speak to our professionals about shade fabric replacements and repairs.