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Airports, transportation hub, schools, and other pedestrian-heavy venues can benefit from the shade provided by our covered walkway solutions. Hip, gable, and arch roof designs are available to match the architectural aesthetics of your property, with multiple fabric and steel color choices available to match your color schemes.

Home | Projects | WALKWAYS

Project Types

Businesses That Benefit From Covered Walkways

Businesses can use shade structures to cover walkways. These covers can keep their guests, customers and employees comfortable by limiting sun exposure. Our fabric materials still allow a breeze and some light to pass through, keeping the area cool and well-lit.

Some companies that may consider covering their walkways include:

Our Covered Walkway Solutions

USA SHADE offers several styles of shade structures, including:

  • Squares and rectangles: Our square- and rectangle-shaped structures offer up to 40 square feet of shade in a simple design.
  • Multi-sided: The multi-sided structures are ideal for large, irregularly shaped areas up to 60 feet in diameter.
  • Sails: Our sail structures have two to five posts to shade walkways. Choose from various shade colors to match your brand.
  • Cantilever: Cantilever shade structures are a versatile option to cover walkways anywhere your business needs them.
  • Single post: Our single-post shade structures provide shade for walkways without occupying excessive room.
  • Custom: If your business has unique needs for a shade structure, USA SHADE can custom-design one for you. Choose from unique shapes and colors to shade your walkway and appeal to your customers.
  • Specialty: Our specialty structures are flexible in design, such as having no center columns to accommodate walkways.