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Those lounging poolside can certainly benefit from our shade structures, extending the amount of time spent in and around the water. Our Lifeguard, Coolbrella, Single Post Pyramid and other structures provide targeted shade over specific areas, while our larger structures can shade entire kiddie pools, splash pads, lounge areas, and more.

Home | Projects | AQUATICS & WATER PARKS

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Our shade structures for pool areas at resorts, schools, campgrounds, community centers, or water parks provide many benefits:

  • Cool air circulation: Air passes through our fabric shade structures at aquatic centers to help keep the areas they cover cool and comfortable at outdoor areas such as aquatic centers.
  • UV-blocking material: Our shade structures feature the highest quality materials including HDPE which can block up to 96 percent of the sun’s UV rays.
  • Long-lasting design: Superior quality is one of our core values. We craft your pool shade structures with state-of-the-art machinery, advanced computer technology, and durable materials.

At USA SHADE, we bring your creative vision to life. Our in-house design experts can create a custom shade that combines both form and function to give you exactly what you need in an aquatic area shade structure.