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Commercial Waterproof Shade Structures

USA SHADE offers commercial waterproof shade structures to safeguard your events and locations in the rain or shine. Our selection of waterproof shade materials pairs with our expert approach to turnkey design, delivering a functional and attractive product.

Types of Waterproof Shade Options

Our waterproof shade materials include three different options to suit your requirements, like budget, aesthetic preferences and durability needs. Our three materials are:

  • Novashield®: This membrane is our most cost-effective option that works for temporary and permanent structures.
  • PVC: As the middle tier of our fabric choices, PVC offers versatile design options for temporary and permanent shade structures.
  • PTFE: For permanent installations, PTFE provides maximum durability and flexibility for long-term wear.

Waterproof Shade Structure Features

Features of our commercial waterproof shade structures vary based on the material you choose, but all products offer many benefits. Some of the most notable features include:

  • Fire-resistant fabric options
  • Color, weight and texture choices
  • 15 to 25+ year life span
  • Self-cleaning options
  • Highest quality waterproof fabric available


The USA SHADE team will customize your fabric of choice and the structure for your project. During the planning stage of a project, we’ll discuss your functional and aesthetic needs and suggest the fabric that best aligns with your business’s goals. Once we understand your requirements, we take care to manufacture your product for a high-performance and stunning structure.

Applications for Waterproof Shade Structures

  • Parking lots
  • Concert Spaces
  • Dining Areas
  • Parks
  • Building Entrances
  • Bleachers
  • Standing or seating area
  • Sports or recreation areas

The Benefits of Investing in Waterproof Shade Fabrics

Waterproof shade structures are an excellent investment for a range of applications. When you choose waterproof materials, your business can:

  • Protect assets: Certain events involve valuable equipment, like sound systems, projectors, screens and more. Whether you’re hosting a concert or a press event, waterproof shade structures help keep your expensive equipment safe from unexpected weather.
  • Improve experiences: Rainy weather impacts both one-time events and everyday experiences. Using a waterproof shade structure for your event or public area can improve the experience of everyone involved. Keep a concert dry or give attendees a dry place to sit during a rainy game.
  • Enjoy longevity: Waterproof materials are designed to tolerate moisture, making them more durable than standard materials. You can expect these fabrics to perform during a single day of rain as well as hold up to rough weather for years.
  • Offer sun protection: While rain is something we often prepare for in outdoor events, waterproof shade structures also protect people from the sun. Whether you use your waterproof shade structure over a parking lot or public park, your business will create a comfortable experience for every type of weather.

Request a Quote for Waterproof Shade Structures

USA SHADE is a leading provider of shade structures throughout the United States. We commit to your goals by taking the time to understand your application and develop a structure that suits your every requirement. Our waterproof shade materials work with various shade structure designs to deliver impressive coverage for your location.

Explore our shade structures to learn about our standard designs, or request a quote for more information about fully custom designs.