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Greenhouse & Gardening

  • Protect workers and visitors, safeguarding vegetation in nurseries and greenhouses, improved air circulation, and the opportunity for branding your greenhouse or garden center.
  • USA SHADE's HDPE mesh shade structures are designed to promote quality air circulation, particularly when compared to thicker fabrics.
  • USA SHADE's greenhouse and plant shade structures offer protection, allowing precise control of sunlight exposure for different types of plants.
  • USA SHADE is a trusted brand for garden center shade structures, with a track record of serving municipalities, public agencies, and private companies.
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USA SHADE and Fabric Structures has provided permanent shade structures for garden centers and greenhouses for close to 30 years. Our structures offer many benefits for your garden center, including:

  • Protection for workers and visitors
  • Protection for vegetation in the nursery and greenhouse
  • Improved air circulation
  • Branding for your greenhouse or garden center

While plants rely on the sun to grow, too much sun can damage plants, especially in nurseries and in early stages of growth. Our greenhouse and plant shade structures provide protection, allowing you to control how much sun each type of plant gets. In addition, when visitors and workers are in greenhouses or garden centers, they can rely on our durable shade structures to stay comfortable and protected.

In addition, HDPE mesh shade structures allow for quality air circulation when compared with thicker fabrics. As warm air rises, HDPE material allows the air to escape, helping with ventilation and temperature control.

USA SHADE has a variety of permanent garden center shade structures, including:

  • Squares and Rectangles: These structures are economical and attractive. Rectangular shapes can work especially well along rows of plants in a nursery or greenhouse.
  • Multi-Sided: From octagons to sails and hexagons, these structures offer a modern look and can provide sun protection for garden centers, visitor areas, parking lots and other areas.
  • Cantilever: In areas where you don’t have space or want extra posts, one- or two-post Cantilever structures are a great choice. These work well in greenhouses, customer service areas, parking lots and other areas of your garden center.
  • Custom and Specialty: Are you interested in having a butterfly-shaped structure or flower fluttering over your greenhouse or garden center, helping to attract more foot traffic? Or maybe you have a special need or request based on your branding and marketing goals. USA SHADE can make it happen.

USA SHADE is a trusted brand for garden center shade structures. In fact, municipalities, public agencies and private companies all turn to us when they want quality shade structures. We have worked on a variety of projects in the past three decades, including garden centers. USA SHADE helped create a shade structure solution for San Joaquin Delta College Greenhouse. The Central California college needed some help with their horticulture nursery to protect faculty, students and plants. Our structures helped create a pleasant spot for learning and growing.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your greenhouse or garden center with attractive and functional shade structures made from steel, HDPE, PVC and other top materials, contact USA SHADE for a quote. Our team is always happy to discuss your project and needs.