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  • Studies have shown that providing shade to pigs and cattle can significantly improve their well-being, making shade structures a wise investment in agricultural and commercial livestock operations.
  • Shade benefits include reduced heat stress, improved water quality, increased water intake, reduced soil compaction and erosion, enhanced airflow, and better light transmission.
  • Enhance the comfort of livestock and also influence their behavior by preventing heat stress and reducing livestock losses.
  • USA SHADE provides a range of shade structure options tailored to agricultural requirements.

Agricultural & Livestock Shade Structures

Shade structures can be useful for livestock and cattle in desert-like areas where a little shade can go a long way. Studies have shown that pigs and cattle with access to shade are more productive under reduced stress – helping to make shade structures are a smart investment on farms, lots and other commercial operations with livestock.

Permanent livestock shade structures from USA SHADE and Fabric Structures help provide shade for livestock where few or no shade options exist. These farm shade structures make livestock more comfortable and can also help affect behaviors, as they can help prevent heat stress and livestock losses.

For example, permanent shade structures paired with fencing can help you direct livestock. Moving livestock away from shade trees and water can help prevent erosion, as well as waste in water.


Providing shade for livestock is essential, especially in the summertime. Cattle can experience heat stress in temperatures as low as 70 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in the potential for health problems like these:

  • Low feed intake
  • Reduced fertility
  • Weight decreases and minimal weight gains
  • Low milk production
  • Low birth weights in calves
  • Increased mortality rates

If your pasture lacks natural shade from trees, shade structures can provide the refuge livestock need from the sun. Shade structures offer several key benefits:

  • Reduced heat stress: Shade structures allow cattle to regulate their body temperature better, helping to keep them healthy.
  • Better water quality: Shade structures can improve the water quality on your property by reducing manure accumulation in a specific area. Clean water sources benefit the health of your cattle.
  • Higher water intake: On hot days, cattle need to drink more water. Reduced water intake affects a cow’s feed intake, milk production and weight gains. Shade structures can keep the water source cool, encouraging healthy intake.
  • Less soil compaction: Soil around shaded areas, such as under trees, can become bare and compacted due to hoof traffic. Shade structures reduce the effects of erosion. Installing shade structures offers more places for your livestock to cool down in the pasture.
  • Good airflow: Air movement is critical for keeping livestock cool. Shade structures have open sides to allow air to flow underneath when set several feet away from obstructions. Thin awning materials also allow air to pass through.
  • Better light transmission: Some livestock, such as cows, prefer shaded areas over dark spaces. Shade structures offer cool areas while allowing some light to shine through the awning material. Structures with solid roofs do not allow natural light.

When choosing livestock sun shade structures, you may want to aim for 40-48 square feet per animal and a structure that meets your needs. USA SHADE offers a range of sizes and types of shade structures for your lots, pastures or farm:

  • Cantilever: Cantilever shade structures allow you to get maximum coverage with minimal posts, helping you maintain better visibility of livestock.
  • Square and Rectangle Structures: These can be one of the most budget-friendly and hard-working of all shade structures. Functional yet attractive, these shade structures can be up to 40 feet wide or long and you and combine multiple structures for even more coverage.
  • Wrap-Arounds: If you have natural obstacles in the way, wrap-around hip or cantilever shade structures allow you to accommodate those terrain features while protecting your animals.
  • Custom: USA SHADE can help you create the exact farm shade structures you need, whether you need to accommodate unusual ground features require customized sizes for larger herds or want to use your structures for agri-business branding, too.

USA SHADE has been focused on fabric structure technology and design for close to 30 years. Our focus on this industry allows us to work with the most innovative options in this market, while our vertically integrated business ensures an outstanding client experience.

We have worked with many farms, agricultural businesses and lots, creating customized solutions for businesses like yours. We can be the one-stop shop for your shade structure. Our team will help with everything from initial concept to engineering and design, project management and more. The USA SHADE team includes some of the top minds in this industry, and we will help save you time every step of the way.

We know working with livestock means being ready for anything. USA SHADE provides some of the highest quality materials available right now, including HDPE and PVC. Our team can help you find the right material for your needs. No matter what material you choose, you can ensure the seams of your shade structure will meet tough conditions. Our seams are sewn with GORE® TENARA® PTFE thread, and we use radio frequency (RF) sealing as well as heat-sealing for structural integrity.

To find out more about what makes us the best in industry, contact USA SHADE for a quote and to talk to our team about your needs.