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Butterfly Wings-Up

Perspective purple butterfly wing shade
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Butterfly Wings-Up

Celebrated as a beloved design selection for parks and zoological applications, our Butterfly structures present three versatile configuration choices: Wings-Up, Wings-Flat, or Wings-Down. Moreover, the option to customize the eight fabric panels with colors that harmonize seamlessly with your venue or theme adds a personalized touch, ensuring these structures not only offer shade but also enchanting visual harmony tailored to your unique setting.

Key Features

  • Eight fabric panels with multiple color options
  • A popular choice for zoos, amusement parks, and playgrounds
  • Also available in Wings-Down and Wings-Flat configurations
  • Low maintenance making a practical choice for various settings

Color Options

At the core of all our modular and custom structures are the fabrics we utilize to create some of the most architecturally innovative and aesthetically appealing fabric structures in the world. We use the best materials available including HDPE, a high-density polyethylene mesh which can block out up to 97% of the sun’s harmful UV-A & UV-B rays. Fabrics are selected to meet the specific project requirements as well as our clients’ individual needs and desires. We offer a variety of materials with varying degrees of translucency, light reflectivity, UV and weather protection, fire retardancy, and non-combustibility. All of our fabrics are easy to maintain, providing protective shade and vibrant color over a long life.

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