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Bus & Train Station

  • These structures offer protection from heat and sun exposure, making outdoor spaces more comfortable for travelers.
  • Clients can choose from a diverse product offering, including custom fabric structure designs, specialty shade options, single post designs, square and rectangle structures, cantilever structures, and multi-sided structures.
  • With USA SHADE structures you can cover various areas like ticket booths, benches, and walkways, meeting size and design specifications.
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Commercial shade structures protect travelers from heat and sun exposure in a way that can enhance train station and bus stop outdoor spaces. USA SHADE provides these types of solutions for transportation facilities. When you need to offer visitors relief from the shade — whether to cover ticket booths, benches or walkways — we have shade structures the fulfill size requirements and design specifications.


Transportation facilities, bus stations, train stations, and other transportation outdoor spaces benefit from commercial shade structures because these solutions create protection and comfort for travelers between destinations.

Commercial shade structures from USA SHADE can be designed to allow for an unobstructed line of sight for bus and train passengers to watch arrivals and departures. Our product portfolio has a variety of solutions that are ideal for waiting areas. Benefits of commercial shade structures for train stations, bus stops, and other transportation facilities include:

  • Passenger comfort: While waiting for transportation, many travelers prefer the comfort of shade and accessible seating. Commercial shade structures from USA SHADE shield waiting passengers from harmful UV rays, rain, hail, and other extreme weather elements.
  • Improved airflow: HDPFE mesh fabric shade solutions from USA SHADE is a breathable material that cools shaded walkways, waiting areas, and ticket booths.

At USA SHADE, our vertically integrated business comprised of in-house manufacturing, project management, design, construction, and engineering experts offers shade-specific industry knowledge. Through their expertise, our clients have can choose from our extensive product offering and custom capabilities including:

  • Custom fabric structure design solutions
  • Specialty shade structure design options
  • Shade sails
  • Single post designs
  • Square and rectangle shade structures
  • Cantilever structures
  • Multi-sided structures

At USA SHADE, we can guide our clients through all stages of the shade project — whether you’re in the initial stages of a design concept or are looking to add a commercial shade structure to your existing space. Benefits of trusting our business as your custom shade structure manufacturer include:

  • Decades of industry expertise: For nearly 30 years, USA SHADE has been the leader in the commercial shade industry. Our turnkey capabilities are what sets us apart from the rest. Our team is willing to assist in all stages of the shade project.
  • Architectural Specialist Division: Our Architectural Specialist Division partners with Architects and Landscape Architects to integrate shade structures into new or existing plans with site-specific considerations.
  • Durability and reliability: Our shade structures design for transportation centers provide year-round solutions that are built to last and stand up against fading, deteriorating, discoloration, and breakdown of the fabric. Both the engineering and high-quality enhance durability and reliability to ensure our product is a shade structure you can trust.
  • Custom design capabilities: We’re committed to offering customized design solutions and integrations for all visions. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a custom shade solution for your train or bus station.