Commercial School Shade Sails

Education Relief Funds in Response to COVID-19

The U.S. government recently passed a federal COVID-19 pandemic relief bill for 2021 following the 2020 CARES Act that allows funding to improve wellness and safety protocols for students, faculty, and staff. This includes establishing outdoor learning spaces for social distancing, upgrading ventilation and (HVAC) systems in schools and other improvements or equipment needed in response to the pandemic.

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Available Education Relief Funds

Highlights of the 2021 education relief funds known as the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) Act include:

  • $81.9 billion total funds for education relief nationwide.
  • $21.2 billion earmarked for higher education.
  • $4.1 billion for the Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund, with $2.75 billion set aside for private K-12 schools.
  • $54.3 billion for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund.
  • $819 million for outlying areas and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) schools.

In California, Governor Newsom has also released a summary of his Safe Schools for All plan, a $2 billion-incentive grant program intended to provide schools with resources to reopen beginning on February 15. Qualifying districts must submit a COVID-19 safety plan that meets certain regulations and secure their school employee unions' permission. 

Why Use Stimulus Funds for Your School's Shade Structures From USA SHADE?

If you're looking for information regarding COVID-19 education relief funds usage — especially in hotter states such as California, Texas, Florida, and the Carolinas — USA SHADE can help. We want to help you take advantage of stimulus funds for shade structures allocated by the CRRSA Act education relief funds for schools. With numerous CARE Act funds invested in school wellness and safety capital improvements in 2020, USA SHADE was able to convert many outdoor school areas into multipurpose learning spaces through stimulus funding.

Our DSA pre-approved outdoor shade solutions are designed to help schools quickly adapt to meet changing needs in the state of California. Schools can create open-air classrooms, expand lunch areas, and ensure social distancing with shade structures without reducing student enrollment due to limited indoor space.

Contact us to learn more, and download a brochure below for more information. For California schools in particular, our DSA-Approved Outdoor Classrooms Solutions brochure outlines benefits of our structurally engineered, DSA-compliant shade structures.

Shade Structures for Schools and Early Childhood Centers

Shade is an essential feature for any school with outdoor areas and playgrounds. Students spend a considerable amount of time at school and part of that time is spent outside at recess, physical education classes, or afterschool sports and training.

Shade sails for schools and other shade solutions are important because they:

  • Help prevent heat exhaustion, overheating, sunstroke and other heat-related conditions
  • Provide protection against harmful UV rays
  • Protect school and childcare center playground equipment

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Where Do Schools Need Shade Sails?

Any outdoor area can benefit from shade, but shade structures for schools need to be placed carefully to maximize shade benefits. Playgrounds and dining areas need shade solutions because children may be spending more time in these outdoor areas. However, courtyards, basketball and tennis courts, drop-off areas and other locations at schools are also ideal for shade.

Creating Outdoor Classroom Shade for Social Distancing

Our permanent structures can also help provide social distancing for your school. Contact us here to learn more and get a quote.

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Choose USA SHADE School Canopies & Shade Structures

Shade structures help keep children comfortable, cool and safe. USA SHADE is the leader in durable, high-quality, commercial-grade shade structures and custom solutions. We have the experience and capacity to design and develop custom shade solutions such as maximum weather-proofing and sun protection for your school.

Our products are long-lasting, durable and a wise investment in shade structures. We’ve helped many schools find solutions for shaded areas and offer funding and financing options.

Contact us for a free quote and we’ll help you find the best solutions for any school across the United States. At USA SHADE, we’re as serious about protecting children as you are.

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