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High School

  • USA SHADE offers durable commercial shade structures tailored to high school needs, enhancing outdoor learning and seating areas, cafeterias, sporting facilities, and more.
  • Shade structures enable outdoor computer use without sun glare, creating flexible spaces for study halls and unique learning experiences, showcasing the school's commitment to sun safety and student well-being to prospective students and parents.
  • High school shade structures provide immediate shaded areas for various activities, including outdoor classes, dining, and athletic training, offering a comfortable and sun-safe environment for students and faculty.
  • Customizable designs and colors for shade structures add an architectural focus to the campus, differentiating the school's aesthetic and promoting school spirit, offering versatile gathering spaces for events, assemblies, club meetings, and extracurricular activities.
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The role of teachers and administrators at the high school level has changed tremendously over the years. Now, educators are actively seeking ways to differentiate their schools and offer unique teaching moments for students. While high school students do spend a lot of time indoors studying, they need to take a break and get some fresh air outside. USA SHADE can provide durable shade structures for outdoor learning and seating areas, outdoor cafeterias, school sporting facilities, and more.

Commercial shade structures designed specifically for high school needs can breathe modernity and excitement into any high school campus or building. USA SHADE has more than a quarter-century of experience working with clients, including educational facilities. Our goal has always been to transform outdoor spaces into usable locations for learning and fun.


COVID-19 education funding relief can be used in many ways to improve the health and safety of high school students and faculty. Did you know shade structures for outdoor classrooms are included not only as a wellness improvement but also as a versatile space with multipurpose use in the future? High schools have struggled to reopen because they lack the space for socially distanced learning.

Shade structures provide adaptable areas and can bring students back to a safe space where they can social distance as they learn. At the same time, these outdoor shade structures give students enough room to collaborate on projects in person, something that’s been missing from the high school curriculum since the pandemic began. Outdoor classrooms are ideal for states with warmer climates, such as California, Texas, and the Carolinas.

Using COVID-19 education funding for outdoor learning provides safer options to help navigate the pandemic and make the best choices for student’s education. A few of the benefits of investing in outdoor shade structures include:

  • Room for social distancing.
  • Temperature reduction in shaded areas.
  • Protection from harmful UV rays.
  • ADA-accessible pathways and seating areas.
  • Integration of lighting, video, and audio into the shade structure.

Creative approaches to pandemic learning keep students in classrooms and staff focused on education. Contact USA SHADE today to discuss the best options for spending stimulus money on outdoor shade structures. USA Shade provides DSA-approved solutions for schools in California.

There are numerous advantages that permanent shade structures can bring to your high school. Just a few of those benefits are:

  • You will immediately have a shaded area for everyone in your building to use outside on hot, sunny days. Teachers can conduct classes outside, students can eat outdoors, and you can even have gym classes or athletic training in a more comfortable setting.
  • Students and teachers can use their computers and devices outside under a shade structure without experiencing sun glare on screens. Turn an outdoor space into a study hall area that goes beyond the four walls of a classroom or library.
  • You can showcase your willingness to provide comfortable atmospheres for educational opportunities to new students and their parents. Admissions counselors often like to highlight what makes their school different and unique; outdoor high school shade structures are a way to show sun safety is a priority and the health and wellbeing of students, staff, and faculty is important. New students and their parents and guardians will see that shade structures add an element of comfort to the school’s outdoor spaces.
  • When you customize your shade structures with unique designs or colors, it can even help your school showcase school spirit and provide an architectural focus. This architectural focus can differentiate the aesthetic of the school and serve as a unique feature structure on the campus.
  • You will be able to turn to your shade structure as a location for gatherings, such as assemblies or musical performances. Clubs and groups could host events and meetings in the shade as well.

There are many outdoor class-related functions and extracurricular activity opportunities with shade structures for high school campuses.