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Commercial Shade Structures for College Campuses

Colleges often look for ways to stand out among other institutions for college applicants. If you have ever looked for a way to differentiate and distinguish your college or university from the competition, shade structures could be one solution. They offer unsurpassed functionality by increasing the usability of outdoor gathering and learning spaces and can improve the aesthetics of your facility's architectural design.

For nearly a quarter-century, USA SHADE has helped private, public and trade institutions for higher learning bring their visions of safe, practical, beautiful outdoor areas to life with shade structures. Send us a request today for a free quote specifically aimed at helping you bring outdoor shade solutions to your college or university.

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Education Funding Relief in Response to COVID-19 for Colleges

Part of the CRRSAA stimulus funding relief for higher education (known as the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund or HEERF II) provides allocations for maintaining and upgrading shade systems. If your college or university is located in California, Texas, North and South Carolina, or other warm-weather locations, these relief funds can be put towards building outdoor shade structures. Education doesn't have to happen within the confinements of four walls - spreading learning and social areas outdoors can be a safer and more effective way to learn, collaborate, and engage with others. Your school can provide open multipurpose space for students and maintain COVID-19 safety policies by creating more usable outdoor space. 

Using the HEERF II education stimulus funding for outdoor placemaking with shade allows learners to gather and exchange ideas as they would in the classroom. Our structures encourage safe group-based collaborative learning and can include:

  • Room for social distancing. 
  • Temperature reduction in shaded areas. 
  • Protection from harmful UV rays.
  • ADA-accessible pathways and seating areas. 
  • Integration of lighting, video, and audio into the shade structure.

Students and faculty will appreciate the option to take their studies outdoors in the fresh air, and the school benefits from versatile spaces for other activities such as assemblies, performances, dining areas, and social spaces.

Using HEERF II funding relief to install a shade structure can help your college or university to prepare for reopening campuses if you have previously relied on virtual learning during the pandemic. Many universities have struggled with keeping students safe while also providing in-person instruction, which is vital to getting a good education. Adding a shade structure allows for  socially distanced learning while protecting students and faculty in a setting that's more conducive to instruction than taking a remote class.

Contact USA SHADE to request a quote and discuss your options for using your education stimulus funding with us. 

Get Schooled on the Benefits of University and College Shade Structures

Why should you work with our shade manufacturers to enhance your campus with shade structures, such as a wave shade or shade sail structures? Here are just a few reasons:

  • You can expand lecture halls and classroom spaces into the outdoors. Many professors may prefer to conduct some of their class time outside when the weather is nice, but sun glare can make it difficult for students to focus on using their electronic devices like laptops and tablets for taking notes. Shade structures provide a more comfortable atmosphere for learning and discussions to take place.
  • Admissions and marketing personnel appreciate university shade structures because they are differentiators. Admissions representatives can highlight the innovative ways that commercial shade structures allow students, employees, and visitors to enjoy nature safely protected from harmful UV rays and extreme heat. Marketing departments for colleges and universities can also highlight the functional aesthetics of college shade structures in their branding, brochures and other recruiting materials.
  • The shaded area can become a campus anchor, serving as a place for intimate or larger gatherings. It can also serve as a suitable multi-purpose space for smaller graduation ceremonies, tailgating pavilions, college sports rallies, and other campus activities. Music and theatrical performances are often held under commercial amphitheater shade structures in both day and night settings--USA SHADE can design and engineer the structure to feature integrated lighting and speakers.
  • Shade structures offer other places for students to study, gather, and relax. Adding seating and other architectural shade structures can further enhance the usefulness and aesthetics of your shaded space.
  • Our permanent structures can also help provide social distancing for your school. Contact us here to learn more about our outdoor classroom solutions and get a quote.

Contact Us to Speak With Our Architectural Specialist Division

Not sure how to bring your outdoor commercial shade structure idea to your campus? Let our architectural specialist division help you define and plan your vision through our vertically integrated resources available. We have the expertise to answer all of your shade questions, helping you to turn your ideas for shade structures into reality.

Send our team a request for a free quote now, to get the process started for your college campus today.

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