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Whether it's a sport played on a field or court, shade structures can make a world of difference for players and spectators alike. With quality shade structures providing a layer of protection from the sun, athletes and attendees can better enjoy the competition. We can install our shade structures over a wide variety of sports facilities, including stadium seating, bleachers, dugouts, basketball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts and much more. 

No matter the size and scope of your facility, USA SHADE and Fabric Structures can create custom shade structures for sports facilities to fit your needs and give your visitors a comfortable experience, no matter what sport they're playing.

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Benefits of Sports Facilities Shade Structures

Why should you incorporate shade structures in your sports facility? There are plenty of perks that come with additional shade, particularly when it comes to athletic arenas that have your visitors on their feet. Whether they're in the stands or on the court, shade structures for sports facilities can help:

  • Attract customers: Sports fans and players are drawn to an environment where they can stay cool and comfortable, no matter the temperature. Our structures offer a shaded spot, even with intense heat or sunshine.
  • Offer shade protection: Shade structures minimize the risk of harmful UV ray exposure as well as sunburn, dehydration and over-heating. A shade structure will also extend the life of your equipment and turf and keep things from getting too hot.
  • Enhance your branding: Our custom shade structures can be designed with your branding in mind, from logos to signature colors. 
  • Improve your aesthetic appeal: As a proven leader in fabric structure design, USA SHADE creates structures with aesthetics in mind, providing an opportunity to improve the look and design of your facility.
  • Extend your facility's usability: Outdoor sports typically have an off-season during peak hot months, where only the staunchest fans are willing to play or watch under the sun. With quality shade structures, fans and players can enjoy a game regardless of the heat.


Discover What Makes USA SHADE Special

What sets USA SHADE apart? For the past 25 years, we've been a leader in fabric structure design and technology. After designing and installing shade structures for sports facilities across the nation, we've built a reputation for excellence. Clients know us for:

  • A turnkey approach and project management system that helps businesses with every step of the process
  • Professional installation services that ensure each shade structure meets your facility's needs
  • Long-lasting structures designed with the highest quality materials
  • A custom approach that allows your business to tailor your shade structures to your preferences

Most of all, our team strives to create lasting partnerships. Explore our products to begin discovering our special features for yourself. From field, court and dugout coverings to shade for bleachers and stands, we offer shade structures for every type of sports facility. 

Ready to Partner With USA SHADE?

If you're interested in beginning a partnership with our team, reach out today. You can contact us with any questions or request a quote for an idea of how our products will work with your budget.

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