Permanent Medical Tents

With the presence of COVID-19 across the globe, medical testing tents are crucial to the safety of many healthcare establishments. Due to the influx in cases, the growing numbers of people needing testing for the virus exceeds many hospitals' and medical facilities' limitations.

With medical testing tents, hospitals can create testing stations without overcrowding their buildings. While many hospitals or testing agencies have chosen temporary tent setups, permanent tents present more opportunities for multipurpose utility with a stronger, commercial grade structure. Permanent outdoor medical tents are a versatile solution that supports adaptable and long-term use of space while offering shade and UV ray protection.

The Importance of Medical Tents: For Both Immediate & Future Needs

The surge of COVID-19 has initiated a growing concern among hospitals. The rapid spread means that hospitals are likely to experience increased patient numbers every day. While federal and state policies have pushed to flatten the curve, hospitals are still concerned with testing procedures and keeping sick individuals separate from healthy or immune-compromised patients. In turn, medical tents have been an excellent solution to organizational and health practices in hospitals. Facilities often use these tents for testing services while interior buildings act as treatment centers. Permanent outdoor medical tents provide flexible service areas that can serve a range of purposes, from drive-through testing to check-in areas.

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The Versatility of Permanent Outdoor Medical Tents

With new perspectives and changing health practices, hospital tents could potentially become a regular part of our healthcare facilities. Our ideas of social distancing and risk assessment may become commonplace, even with the decrease of Coronavirus cases. Permanent medical tents can help hospitals and other health establishments remain conscientious even as the virus's presence decreases. USA SHADE has experience installing our structures at hospitals and can customize the solution to your establishment's needs for short-term urgent responses and general organizational practices.

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Beyond COVID-19 measures, the versatility of permanent tents goes unmatched for hospitals and health services, making them a multi-use investment. Enhance the usability of your facility's outdoor spaces. Some multi-purpose uses of permanent tents include:

  • Drive-up and drive-through testing
  • Well-being services like immunizations and screenings
  • Area for blood drives
  • Check-in and waiting areas
  • Health fairs and expos
  • Courtyards for visitors and employees
  • Shade for parking areas
  • Breakroom or common area for staff

If your hospital or healthcare facility is also looking for sun shade structures, our team also designs and manufactures hospital shade structures. With custom designs available, these structures can help your hospital protect patients and staff from the sun's UV rays and keep them cool. They're ideal for outdoor play areas, areas for guests to spend leisurely time outside, and more. Discover our hospital shade solutions here.

What Do USA SHADE Permanent Tents Offer?

USA SHADE permanent outdoor medical tents come with a variety of benefits. While your hospital staff is using these areas for medical checks, the shade keeps them comfortable and protected from the sun while the breathable fabric allows for increased airflow. Our USA SHADE permanent tents can also be customized to include electrical integrations such as solar panels, charging stations, audio, lighting, and surveillance to give you the most functionality from your outdoor spaces.

Waterproof material options make the tents ideal in many types of weather and climates as well. While some temporary tents are prone to wind-damage, our commercial shade structures hold up to heavier wind and snow loads. With USA SHADE, you get added peace of mind alongside quality solutions.

Among the numerous benefits of USA SHADE tents, our wide selection will give you the opportunity to choose a design that is visually appealing and fits your establishment's design specifications. As the turnkey design/build shade structure leader in the industry, we have the ability to create a completely custom solution in collaboration with our clients and offer support from concept to installation.

Buy Permanent Medical Tents From USA SHADE

At USA SHADE, our permanent shade structures have created additional functionality for outdoor spaces across many industries, including healthcare. Now more than ever, the healthcare industry is reimagining the use of outdoor spaces, and commercial shade structures are a resilient solution to protect both hospital staff and visitors. As the need for short-term testing sites decreases, permanent medical shade structures continue to offer high levels of functionality for the operations of healthcare facilities, making them a multi-use solution for both immediate and future needs. Request a quote today to learn more.

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