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Healthcare & Hospitals

  • Hospitals and healthcare centers are recognizing the need for outdoor shade structures to protect patients and visitors from excess sun exposure.
  • Shade structures in healthcare settings protect patients from UV radiation and provide outdoor spaces for relaxation and recovery.
  • Explore featured projects at hospitals and medical centers, showcasing how shade structures enhance healthcare environments.
  • Keep employees and patients cool with the implementation of our shade structures.
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Hospitals and healthcare centers across the U.S. are beginning to take advantage of the spaces outside their buildings, and for good reason: Outdoor play spaces for children are becoming more commonplace, and hospital visitors and patients are spending more time mingling outdoors. At USA SHADE, we understand the importance of protecting children, the elderly and those with medical complications from excess sun with shade structures.


Shade structures are a critical consideration for hospitals and health-related organizations due to the growing need to protect patients from UV radiation and harsher elements. If these structures are in place, hospital recovery patients can still venture outside and reap the benefits of nature without the risk of heat-related ailments.

According to Clare Cooper Marcus, a Professor Emerita of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, studies of Alzheimer’s facilities have shown that inhabitants with access to a garden ask for fewer drugs to deal with insomnia and agitation. She claims that even hospital employees could benefit from having access to a garden to get outside and reduce stress.

Marcus also suggests that individuals on medications, including psychiatric drugs, HIV-AID medication and chemo-therapy, need to stay out of the direct sun. These patients would benefit from shade structures positioned in the hospital’s entry patio.

Along with offering protection from the sun, custom hospital shade structures can provide year-round solutions for healthcare organizations and increase the value of architectural projects. Shade structures can also add visual appeal to hospitals. Our  precise attention to detail and extensive industry know-how will ensure that you get the right shade structure to meet your needs.

Over the last three decades, USA SHADE’s capability and reliability have meant the delivery of more than 300,000 shade structures. As the industry innovator and leader in custom shade structures, we design, manufacture and install solutions that last. Advantages of choosing USA SHADE as your shade structure manufacturer include:

  • Our Architecture Specialist Division: Our Architectural Specialists work with clients to ensure seamless progression and installation of all shade structures — from conceptual site impacts and custom design to developments and application.
  • Custom design capabilities: We offer a variety of architectural shade solutions, but we can also customize our shade structures to meet your specific needs.
  • Expertise: USA SHADE is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of commercial shade sail structures in the U.S. As the first fabric structure manufacturer in California to have received Division of State Architect, or DSA, approval, we provide excellent aesthetic and architectural opportunities to existing locations.
  • Superior customer service: We’ll put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to bringing your unique vision to life.

Why wait to order custom shade structures for your hospital or healthcare center? Contact USA SHADE and request a free quote today.

USA SHADE is proud to also offer permanent medical tents for hospitals. Our versatile structures can be ideal for drive-up and drive-through medical testing, healthcare screenings, waiting areas, and more. When not in use for well-being services, these cooling structures offer shaded parking areas for your healthcare staff and visitors. Learn more here.