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USA SHADE established the Architectural Specialists Division as a result of specialized relationships with our valued architects, landscape architects, and other design professionals. Through this division, our knowledgeable and expert design team partners with these professionals to efficiently integrate customized fabric structures into a variety of projects and market segments.

 Resilient design solutions that respond to specific site considerations.

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Design and Build Process


Beginning at the initial design and development stage, our Architectural Specialists use their comprehensive knowledge of both site plan and shade fabric structures to provide continuity throughout every step of the process. From custom designs, conceptual site impacts, construction developments and implementation, our Architectural Specialists work closely with our customers to ensure smooth progression and timely delivery.

USA SHADE offers our architects, landscape architects, and other design professionals support and expert service to help your project come to life.

Let’s collaborate. Begin by requesting a FREE design consultation with our Architectural Specialists today.