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Shade Structures for Retail Centers

Staying up-to-date with modern architecture trends is an ongoing challenge for shopping malls across the U.S. However, modernizing your mall doesn’t require extensive renovations. Shade structures are an attractive, customizable and cost-effective way to give your outlet a contemporary look and feel that is attractive to shoppers.

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Modernize Your Retail Center with Shade Structures

Our shade structures not only add a modern visual element to your retail center — they also provide several functional benefits including:

  • Cool and comfortable places for shoppers to relax
  • Fabric shade for air circulation and UV-blocking protection
  • Colorful fabrics that match your retail center’s aesthetic
  • Long-lasting shade structures covered by a warranty

Many spaces around malls are excellent locations for a shade structure, including:

  • Outdoor seating or dining areas
  • Parking lots
  • Entryways, stairways and walkways
  • Food courts

Tailoring the shade to update the look of shopping centers is a very attractive and affordable option at USA SHADE.

With our knowledgeable, experienced design team, we’ll help you make your creative vision a reality. From design to installation, we ensure that your shade’s quality and aesthetic is unmatched.

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Access Three Decades of Expertise with USA SHADE

Our experience in designing and crafting retail center shade structures extends for almost three decades. During that time, we’ve built lasting partnerships and performed more than 250,000 installations. We are ready to help you start yours.

Contact us today for more information about our tailored designs and products.

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