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Retail/Shopping Centers

  • Commercial shade structures offer a cost-effective and customizable way to update shopping centers, providing a contemporary appearance aligned with design specifications.
  • USA SHADE's commercial shade structures come with warranties and provide year-round shade solutions.
  • USA SHADE offers a vertically integrated approach, handling everything from design to installation, making them a one-stop shop for commercial and custom shade needs.
  • Shaded areas with seating options accommodate more visitors, offering spaces for rest, dining, gathering, and relaxation. These structures make underutilized outdoor spaces more inviting, increasing foot traffic in shopping centers.
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Modernizing shopping centers does not have to require extensive renovations. Commercial shade structures are an attractive, economical, and customizable way to give your outlet a contemporary look that fits your design specifications.

Commercial shade structures at shopping malls also help keep customers comfortable in outdoor spaces and motivated to spend. USA SHADE offers innovative shade and shelter solutions designed to protect visitors from harmful UV rays and help them enjoy their shopping experience.


Designed to protect from both heat and sun exposure, commercial shade structures from USA SHADE are the most versatile option for protecting visitors from up to 97% of harmful UV rays. USA SHADE collaborates with clients to design commercial shade structures for any facility and outdoor application. When it comes to shopping centers, there are many areas that are excellent locations for shade structure placement, including outdoor dining areas, parking lots, entryways, walkways, plazas, outdoor seating, and bus stops.

Benefits of adding commercial shade structures to your shopping center include:

  • An increased seating capacity for guests: Providing shaded areas and adequate seating allows for more areas for visitors to rest during a shopping trip. Customers who visit shopping centers need areas to sit whether they are eating, gathering, resting, or enjoying the outdoor scenery. For some unused outdoor spaces, a shade structure increases the usability of the space and the ability to increase foot traffic in shopping centers.
  • Durability: Commercial shade structures from USA SHADE are covered by a warranty and provide year-round shade solutions for shopping centers. Our high-quality materials are engineered to withstand wind and snow loads dependent on the location and climate.
  • Safe outdoor spaces for families and children: Commercial shade structures reduce up to 25°F in the shade and block up to 97% harmful UV rays, providing safe and comfortable outdoor environments for families. Shade specified in retail centers layouts or added to outdoor seating areas can help draw more family foot traffic if they have places to cool off between shopping trips or dining.
  • Architectural placemaking opportunities: Incorporate unique forms and colors with shade structures to enhance the visual appeal of outdoor spaces around shopping centers. USA SHADE clients can customize their shade design to renew the use of existing square footage by adding functional shade with a heightened design aesthetic.
  • More comfortable seating areas: Commercial shade structures make outdoor seating areas in retail shopping centers more enjoyable for guests and encourage them to extend their shopping trip. HDPE Fabric shade structures allow for ample airflow in addition to UV-blocking protection.

If you have decided to invest in commercial shade structures for your shopping center, but wondering why you should choose USA SHADE, here are some advantages of partnering with us for all your shopping center shade needs:

  • Our vertically integrated business can handle everything from design to installation; USA SHADE is your one-stop-shop for all commercial and custom shade design requirements.
  • Our Architectural Specialist Division collaborates with Architects, Landscape Architects, and other Design Professionals to provide guidance and expertise throughout the project process from design all the way through manufacturing and construction.
  • Commercial shade structures from USA SHADE are built to last — our shade fabric is a high-grade HDPE material that is fade-resistant and extremely durable in all types of climates.
  • Our customer service exceeds expectations. Since 1991, we have been the leader and innovator in the commercial shade industry. We believe in fostering meaningful and lasting partnerships with our clients.
  • Our extensive industry expertise allows us to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of any retail center we work with through our reliable and durable shade product.

For almost three decades, our team at USA SHADE has built lasting partnerships and delivered more than 300,000 shade structure installations. From concept to completion, we will ensure that your shade structure design and quality are unmatched.

Request a free quote today for more information about our tailored designs and product portfolio.