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  • USA SHADE offers a diverse selection of shade structures designed to enhance the spectator experience in large stadiums and local ballfields.
  • Significantly improve the quality of your customers' experiences by shielding them from intense sunlight, ensuring comfort, and reducing sun damage and heat exposure.
  • USA SHADE can design custom shade structures tailored to your facility's needs.
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As part of a large stadium or local ballfield, spectators can enjoy an improved viewing experience when shaded from the hot sun. USA SHADE and Fabric Structures offers a varied selection of shade structures for bleachers, including popular designs such as the Wraparound and Cantilevered Hip structures. We can also partner with you to design a custom shade structure designed with your facility in mind.

Whether your establishment is a nationally-known premium arena or a local community sports stadium, we can provide high-quality bleacher shade structures that improve your visitors’ comfort levels and keep them returning for more.


How can adding a shade structure to your establishment’s bleachers change the quality of your customers’ experiences? It can help by:

  • Shielding your guests from the intense sunshine no matter the time of day. As they’re protected from sun damage and heat, guests will appreciate the comfort and coolness of your stadium or ballpark. Since guests might be sitting on the bleachers for hours at a time, adding shade can make a difference between an uncomfortable experience and an afternoon they’d gladly repeat.
  • Enhancing the brand of your establishment. We can create custom shade structures for bleachers that feature your stadium’s signature colors or include branding and logos. Represent your business in a unique yet subtle way with tailored shade structures.
  • Giving your establishment a competitive edge over other local stadiums or ballparks. Quality bleachers will lead to returning customers and a stand-out aesthetic appeal.

USA SHADE has been designing and developing shade structures for close to three decades. We’ve become industry leaders thanks to a legacy of reliable turnkey solutions and our high-quality shade structures. Our seasoned team conceptualizes and designs each structure with durable, reliable materials. Between project managers and installation specialists, your shade structures are in expert hands every step of the way.

As far as customization, we tap into our long-standing expertise to help your business choose the right shade structure for bleachers. Choose from an array of custom options to match your desired aesthetic, and enjoy the assistance of our team if you have any questions.

Throughout the process, you’ll enter into a partnership with USA SHADE that allows for a tailored final result. Our goal is to see your vision brought to life.

Are you ready to learn more about how stadiums or ballfields across the country have partnered with USA SHADE in the past? Browse our featured projects for inspiration and begin conceptualizing how our structures can change your visitors’ experience. To learn more about USA SHADE’s design process or request a quote, reach out to us today.