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Museums & Galleries

  • USA SHADE offers shade solutions for galleries and museums, enhancing outdoor areas such as parking lots, entrances, historic gardens, and playgrounds.
  • USA SHADE has collaborated with numerous galleries and museums on projects such as the Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden at Palm Desert and the Hall of Geological Wonders at the San Bernardino County Museum.
  • Commercial museum shade structures serve various purposes, including attracting passersby, protecting outdoor assets like sculptures and historical gardens, providing shade for playgrounds, creating shaded queuing areas, and facilitating outdoor dining or valet services.
  • USA SHADE offers a range of shade structures, including Shade Sails for terraces, Cantilever structures for smaller spaces, Square and Rectangle structures for parking lots, and Multi-Sided structures for outdoor sculptures or play areas.
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Many cultural centers, such as galleries and museums, have outdoor structures as well as indoor spaces. Outdoor areas may include parking lots, entrances, gardens in a historic property, outdoor sculpture gardens, playgrounds and other spaces. Shade structures for galleries and museums from USA SHADE and Fabric Structures can help keep spaces comfortable and welcoming for visitors and employees alike.


There are many applications for USA SHADE structures at museums, historical properties, and art galleries. These structures can help:

  • Attract passersby
  • Protect any outdoor assets, such as historical gardens or sculptures
  • Provide shade for playground and outdoor areas
  • Create shaded areas for queues for visitors
  • Provide areas for outside dining or valet drivers
  • Create outdoor spaces for performances and special events

USA SHADE has worked with multiple galleries and museums throughout our nearly 30 years of business. We created a custom sail shade for the Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden at Palm Desert and a custom structure for the Hall of Geological Wonders at the San Bernardino County Museum, among other projects. In fact, we’ve created over 300,000 shade structures in total for a variety of applications.

USA SHADE has many shade structures for museums and galleries:

  • Shade Sails: If you have terraces or uneven ground, these structures with different-sized posts let you create shade.
  • Cantilever: With one or two posts or columns, these structures are right for smaller spaces, such as historic gardens or eating areas outside your gallery.
  • Square and Rectangle: These traditional structures may work at your museum parking lot. Smaller versions can protect valets or ticket takers outdoors.
  • Multi-Sided: When providing shade for outdoor sculptures or kids’ play areas, these triangle, octagon and hexagon shapes provide visual interest as well as coverage for non-traditional spaces.

USA SHADE can also offer specialty and custom shade structures, including specific colors and shapes. If your gallery has unique architectural and terrain details or if you have specific branding needs, USA SHADE can create beautiful shade structures that reflect your commitment to beauty in your community.

As an industry leader and innovator, galleries and organizations seeking unique structures that marry design and function choose us. We can take care of everything, from developing images with our state-of-the-art software to having our team manage the project. USA SHADE has project design, fabrication and installation abilities as well to take your structure from an initial idea to completely finished and installed on your site.

Learn more about USA SHADE and our commitment to quality today – we even have an Architectural Specialist Division to help develop resilient, custom designs. You can contact USA SHADE for a quote or to speak to our team about your project today.