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Amusement & Theme Parks

  • Shade structures find versatile applications in theme parks, addressing various outdoor spaces where visitors spend their days, providing sun protection and comfortable, shaded environments.
  • These shade structures can also be adapted for applications beyond amusement parks. For instance, in zoos, the structures contribute to animal welfare by providing comprehensive shade for enclosures.
  • USA SHADE's structures are strategically placed throughout amusement parks to optimize guest comfort. They provide welcoming shade at entryways, ensuring visitors start their day on a cool and pleasant note.
  • USA SHADE specializes in crafting custom commercial fabric shade structures for amusement parks, theme parks, and pool facilities.
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USA SHADE and Fabric Structures offers a variety of commercial fabric shade structures that are perfect for providing much-needed sun protection at amusement parks, theme parks, and pool facilities. With our long-standing expertise serving amusement parks all across the United States, we collaborate with clients to design colorful and unique commercial shade structures for virtually every application imaginable in theme parks, including walkways, food courts, ride queue lines, and more.


Shade structures have many applications for theme parks, with many outdoor spaces where visitors spend their days. Consider adding shade structures to your:

  • Entryways.
  • Lines.
  • Food courts.
  • Rides.
  • Pools and waterparks.
  • Parking lots.

Depending on the features you offer for your customers’ amusement, shade structures can apply to many other situations. For example, if you have a zoo, you can protect the animals and offer them more comprehensive shade with shade structures. With more cool areas, they might spend more time outside of their enclosures for your guests to see.

At USA SHADE, our commercial shade structures are manufactured in-house by our skilled experts. As a turnkey shade provider, we assist you throughout the entire process, from the initial design and customization stages to fabrication and construction. We understand the importance of attracting visitors to amusement parks and providing comfortable spaces where patrons can find immediate relief from the sun’s sweltering heat and harmful UV rays. When patrons can cool off in the shade, they’re more likely to extend their visit, boosting revenue and returning business.

Other ways commercial shade structures can benefit your amusement park include:

  • Creating your amusement park’s aesthetic: Make amusement parks stand out from the rest with an iconic and branded shade structure that is uniquely shaped or brightly colored. While cantilever structures are ideal for walkways and lines that need to remain free from column obstruction, square and rectangle shade solutions feature clean, straight lines for efficient and cost-effective shade options.
  • Increasing comfort: While amusement parks are full of movement and busy groups trying to get the most of their visit, there are many spaces where guests are relaxing and staying still. Keep lines, walkways and food courts covered and other resting areas cool and comfortable with shade for park visitors.
  • Improving visitor numbers: More comfortable spaces can help increase attendance and lengthen visits, especially during the summer. When guests know they have areas at your theme park where they can escape the heat, you can ensure that people will still come, even on the hottest days.
  • Boosting reputation: Investing in shade structures can help communicate to your guests that you care about their comfort. Customers notice when companies make changes to improve their experience, creating a more positive association with the brand.
  • Maintaining equipment quality: Protect amenities like benches, tables and chairs from warping and cracking on surfaces due to excessive sun exposure. Prolonged periods in the sun can also cause colors to fade quickly, decreasing the quality of the equipment you carefully chose to boost your park’s theme. You can ensure your guests get the visual experience they expect and offer them quality equipment that meets your standards.

For over a quarter of a century, USA SHADE has provided amusement parks across the United States. with the highest quality custom shade structures in the industry. Why partner with us? Because we offer:

  • Custom design capabilities: Our vertically integrated business allows our experts to bring your unique vision to life with our custom shade solutions and in-house services, from design to installation.
  • World-class customer service: We believe in developing lasting partnerships. Our team ensures that your shade structures at your amusement park are high-quality and meet your design specifications.
  • Shade structures that last: Strength and durability are essential in a commercial shade structure for any amusement park. Our HDPE shade fabric is a high strength fade-resistant material with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.
  • An Architectural Specialist Division: USA SHADE is unique in that we have a dedicated Architectural Specialist Division devoted to ensuring smooth progression and timely delivery for more complex or customized projects. Our Architectural Specialists use their comprehensive knowledge about shade fabric structures to collaborate with clients in every step of the process, from initial design to installation.

Are you wondering how commercial shade structures would benefit your amusement park? At USA SHADE, we take pride in our product how our solutions can help client businesses improve their outdoor spaces. Request a free quote today to learn more about how commercial shade structures add functional and visual appeal to amusement parks.