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Wrap Around Shade Structures

Specifically designed for shading the bleacher and dugout areas of today's modern baseball and softball complexes, our Wrap Around structures provide plenty of shade, as well as protection from foul (fly) balls. 10-Column, 14-Column, and 16-Column configurations are available. Here are our options:

  • Standard width is 20', with lengths up to 30' per roof section; entry height 10' ~ 14'
  • Multiple sections can be joined together to conform to dugout/backstop layout
  • Base Plate, Recessed Base Plate, and Embed mounting designs
  • Logos, light brackets, and Zinc coastal primer are popular options
Wrap Around Shade Structure

Wrap Around

Specifically designed for shading the bleacher/dugout areas of today's modern baseball and softball complexes.

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Ideal for Bleacher and Dugout Shade

Shade structures for a baseball dugout have special requirements. In particular, they need to be:

USA SHADE wrap-around shade structures offer all this and more. Our commercial dugout shade solutions are made from quality and durable fabrics, and are designed with both players and spectators in mind. You’re not “making do” by using shades intended for other applications. With USA SHADE, you’re getting shades for a baseball dugout designed with the needs of your team in mind. Protect your team from the sun’s UV rays while keeping them comfortable in warm temperatures with our shade structures. Our structures have stood the test of time and are used by a number of teams and organizations.

If you want to promote fun, competition and success for your team, good shade structures are a must when protecting players from the sun. USA SHADE offers a range of products and customization capabilities so you can get the dugout cover you need for years upon years of fun games. You can find our shade structures at parks, sports centers, schools and organizations all over the country.

Businesses and municipalities choose us because we go above and beyond to get you the shade solutions you want. We listen to your ideas and needs and work closely with you to ensure you get the structures designed to meet your requirements and the look you want. Our quality products and materials make our structures a fantastic return on investment, too - by keeping players comfortable during the big game, they’ll perform better - making spectators want to come back time and again.

Contact USA SHADE today to learn more about our design solutions and our product offerings to get the process started. Learn how we can provide stylish and innovative shade so your players can focus on the game, and fans can have a more enjoyable experience watching them.