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Alabama Shade Structures

USA SHADE is the nationwide leader for designing and manufacturing commercial shade structures. Since our founding in 1991, USA SHADE has been known for its high standards and unique designs. We deliver shade structures across the country, including Alabama, offering excellent protection to those enjoying the outdoors and while enhancing the appearance of outdoor spaces.

Alabama is hot and humid year-round, but many people still want to enjoy time outside. Shade allows you to avoid overheating and stay protected from harmful UV rays. Our commercial shade structures can cover everything from playgrounds to basketball courts to walkways at a retail center. Shade improves restaurant patio dining experiences, heated tennis matches on the courts, and splash pad areas for small children.

Many businesses in Alabama have chosen USA SHADE because they appreciate our commitment to working collaboratively throughout the process and our premier customer service. See how USA SHADE can make a difference in your project today.

Commercial Shade Structures in Alabama

Alabama has a unique climate that demands shade protection for people spending time outside. The weather can range from warm to blazing hot, and people enjoying the outdoors want to remain comfortable. Our designers and engineers create shade structures that enhance outdoor spaces to provide a cooler experience. The more temperate the amenities, the longer the visitor will stay.

We have worked with many businesses in the state to create commercial shade structures that combine all the necessary elements. Our designs are functional and aesthetically appealing with a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. USA SHADE also focuses on continuity of design so our shade structures are a seamless integration or addition to existing site plans.

Additionally, we are a General Services Administration-approved vendor. We have worked with every branch of the United States military and can provide federal government agencies with GSA-approved shade structures.

The Benefits of Picking USA SHADE for Custom Designs

Partnering with USA SHADE has many advantages. We make the process easy with our Architectural Specialist Division, which consults and collaborates with architects, landscape architects, and other design professionals to create customized solutions tailored to site-specific spaces. Our clients trust our experienced team to guide the process, from conceptual site impacts to installation and construction.

Other benefits of working with us include:

  • We use durable materials to create commercial shade structures, including high-strength steel and HDPE fabric.
  • We offer exceptional customer service throughout the project.
  • We give our industry expertise, including knowledge of current trends.
  • We provide knowledge of local guidelines and permit processes in Alabama.

Our commercial shade structures, including our popular shade sails and cantilevers, carry unmatched quality and design compared to other manufacturers in the country. Get in touch with us today to get started on your project. We offer free design consultation and a custom quote.

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