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Commercial Shade Structures for Trade Schools

Trade and professional schools continue to increase the number of enrolled students. If your school seems to be bursting at the seams, consider adding a commercial shade structure to provide added outdoor space for a wide variety of education-related activities.

USA SHADE has spent more than a quarter of a century bringing clients, including educational facilities, tremendously fresh, exciting shade solutions. Our designers can help you choose the ideal shade structure to expand your school's footprint elegantly and practically.

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Enjoy the Advantages of Trade School Shade Structures

Why should you install a shade structure at your trade school? Some of the many reasons include the following:

  • You'll be able to make better use of your property. Many teachers who otherwise might not take their classes outdoors will be more inclined if they have a shady spot without glare. This can provide for a nice change of pace, taking lessons outside as opposed to staying indoors.
  • Your admissions and marketing team members will be able to further differentiate your trade school from others. A customized, modern-looking shade structure can make an impressive impact in the memory of visitors.
  • You can utilize your new shaded area for official gatherings, such as graduation ceremonies or fundraisers. You may even want to showcase your outdoor space during open houses.
  • You may use your shade structure area as an added location for students, teachers and administrators to eat lunch or have meetings.
  • Your unique shade structure will show potential new hires that your trade or professional school is on the leading edge of modern classroom design.
  • Our permanent structures can also help provide social distancing for your trade school. Contact us here to learn more about our outdoor classroom solutions and get a quote.

Design Your Shade Structure Solution With the Pros

Our legacy includes always partnering with clients, especially if they need help choosing between solutions such as cantilever, canopy, multi-panel, polygon, shade sail and other types of shade structures. We also maintain a thriving architectural specialist division that can work with your team to make dreams come alive.

If you have a vision involving a shade structure for your trade school, let us help you bring your thoughts to life. We welcome the opportunity to help you put an unforgettable addition onto your trade school in the form of a shade structure.

Get in touch with USA SHADE and Fabric Structures now. We'd be happy to send you a free quote for a shade structure for your school. Reach out today!

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