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Donny O'Dell Elementary School outdoor classroom area

Outdoor Classroom Shade Structures

The world of education has continued to change. Now, bringing students and instructors into green spaces is a trendy way to encourage fresh thinking amidst fresh air. Now commonplace in schools across the country, outdoor classrooms allow students and teachers to extend the learning environment to the outdoors, enjoying beautiful weather while continuing their education. Our shade structures can be designed with colors and logos that match your school, mascot, and more.

If your teachers are already conducting classes outside or you want to give them a dedicated outdoor covered area at your school, get in touch with USA SHADE and Fabric Structures. For more than 25 years, we've stood as a premier supplier of shade structures for private and public entities, including schools and educational facilities.

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COVID-19 Education Funding Relief for Outdoor Classrooms

Creating outdoor classrooms is one of the many ways schools can utilize the COVID-19 education stimulus fund. The federal stimulus package that passed in 2020 includes funding that schools can deploy to improve the health and safety of students and faculty. That means schools in California, Texas, the Carolinas, and other warm-weather locations can use that funding towards shade structures to create outdoor learning environments. Students and teachers can stay farther apart outside where the natural airflow decreases the potential spread of illness.

Many schools want to reopen, but lack the space to keep students apart. Adding an outdoor classroom with a shade structure gives schools greater versatility when it comes to in-person learning. The features of our shade structures include: 

  • Room for social distancing.
  • Temperature reduction in shaded areas.
  • Protection from harmful UV rays.
  • ADA-accessible pathways and seating areas.
  • Integration of lighting, video, and audio into the shade structure. 

Using COVID-19 funding relief for outdoor classrooms gives schools everywhere new options to help navigate the pandemic and the demands that come with it. The funding also extends to private schools in California that require DSA-approved structures. To learn more about how to use your funding in compliance with the federal act, contact a USA Shade representative in your area. 

Outdoor classrooms are a great way to get students back to in-person learning. Get in touch today to request a quote or to discuss your options. 

Why Choose Outdoor Classroom Shade Structures for Schools?

Classrooms can sometimes seem confining, making it harder for students to learn and educators to teach. However, trying to conduct coursework on a sun-drenched lawn, gravelly parking lot or cramped pavilion can be even more difficult.

Show your teachers and students that you've thought about their needs by installing a commercial shade structure that can act as an outdoor classroom. Some of the many advantages to taking this proactive step are as follows:

  • Your students and staff members will be safely protected from overexposure to the sun.
  • Your teachers and pupils will feel comfortable thanks to having a shady spot to learn.
  • You'll reduce sun glare that can affect your ability to look at computer or device screens.
  • You'll create a place that captures the breeze.
  • Your admissions professionals and marketing experts will have one more differentiator to talk about with potential parents and new hires.
  • You can use your shaded outdoor classroom area for other uses, including performances, recess and a spot to enjoy lunch.

Social Distancing Solutions

Our permanent structures can also help provide social distancing for your school. Contact us here to learn more and get a quote.

Helping Schools Design Their Outdoor Covered Areas

If you're at the beginning of your outdoor commercial shade sail structure planning, our architectural specialist division can help you design the right shade solution for your needs. Each of our shade structures has specific qualities that make it suitable for unique purposes. Instead of guessing which shade structure will work well to create an outdoor covered area at your school, count on our architectural specialists and other experts to provide unsurpassed guidance.

Bridge the Indoor-Outdoor Learning Gap with Covered Outdoor Learning Areas

Why should your students and teachers stay indoors when a beautiful day beckons? Reduce the distractions that come from students wishing they were outside. Provide an attractive, safe, shady spot for instructors to talk about everything from math to science and art to music.

Get in touch with USA SHADE and Fabric Structures now. We'll be happy to further discuss the shade structure possibilities for your school.

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