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MicKinney High School bleacher shade

Commercial Shade Structures for High Schools

The role of teachers and administrators at the high school level has changed tremendously over the years. Now, educators are actively seeking ways to differentiate their schools and offer unique teaching moments for students. While high school students do spend a lot of time indoors studying, they need to take a break and get some fresh air outside. USA SHADE can provide durable shade structures for outdoor learning and seating areas, outdoor cafeterias, school sporting facilities, and more.

Commercial shade structures designed specifically for high school needs can breathe modernity and excitement into any high school campus or building. USA SHADE and Fabric Structures has more than a quarter-century of experience working with clients, including educational facilities. Our goal has always been to transform outdoor spaces into usable locations for learning and fun.

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Why Our High School Shade Structures Get an A+

There are numerous advantages that permanent shade structures can bring to your high school. Just a few of those benefits are:

  • You will immediately have a shaded area for everyone in your building to use outside on hot, sunny days. Teachers can conduct classes outside, students can eat outdoors, and you can even have gym classes or athletic training in a more comfortable setting.
  • Students and teachers can use their computers and devices outside under a shade structure without experiencing sun glare on screens. Turn an outdoor space into a study hall area that goes beyond the four walls of a classroom or library.
  • You can showcase your willingness to provide comfortable atmospheres for educational opportunities to new students and their parents. Admissions counselors often like to highlight what makes their school different and unique; outdoor high school shade structures are a way to show sun safety is a priority and the health and wellbeing of students, staff, and faculty is important. New students and their parents and guardians will see that shade structures add an element of comfort to the school's outdoor spaces.
  • When you customize your shade structures with unique designs or colors, it can even help your school showcase school spirit and provide an architectural focus. This architectural focus can differentiate the aesthetic of the school and serve as a unique feature structure on the campus.
  • You will be able to turn to your shade structure as a location for gatherings, such as assemblies or musical performances. Clubs and groups could host events and meetings in the shade as well.

There are many outdoor class-related functions and extracurricular activity opportunities with shade structures for high school campuses.

Social Distancing Solutions

Our permanent structures can also help provide social distancing for your school. Contact us here to learn more about our outdoor classroom solutions.

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USA SHADE also has a unique division that works with architects, landscape architects, and design professionals called the architectural specialist division. For more information on how we can help you with a shade structure for high schools, contact us today for a free quote.