Miltary Base Shade Structures

For over a quarter-century, USA SHADE has been providing the United States Military with industry-leading shade structures. Our shade structures can be used at security checkpoints and entryways, shooting ranges, training centers, outdoor seating, recreation areas, and more. If your location has a custom shade requirement, we can easily help design, fabricate, and install the perfect shade solution.

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Benefits of Military Base Shade Structures

As a GSA-approved vendor, USA SHADE designs custom shade structures that:

  • Add functional value: Increase the value of your project and provide a year-round shade solution with durable shade structures that protect against UV exposure.
  • Provide architectural opportunities to existing locations: Our Architectural Specialist Division stays up-to-date on industry trends in architecture and design and knows how to transform spaces by adding shade structures.
  • Are aesthetically pleasing: USA SHADE prides itself on offering attractive shade structures to make projects more attractive to onlookers and military base personnel, in regions ranging from housing facilities to aquatic centers on base and more.

Why Choose USA SHADE Military Base Shade?

Why partner with us? Because we offer:

  • Custom design capabilities: Already have a vision in mind or need to work around precise specifications? Not a problem! If your military base has a custom shade requirement, we can easily design, manufacture and install the perfect shade solution for your space. We are a turnkey manufacturer dedicated to delivering custom products that last, and we own the largest market share of the shade industry.
  • Architectural Specialist Division expertise: Our Architectural Specialist Division will collaborate with architects and engineers on shade structure projects and provide them with what they need throughout the process.
  • Superior customer service: USA SHADE prioritizes relationships and partnerships when working with clients. We want to help you bring your creative vision to life in a way that's functional and modern.
  • Durability: Our team at USA SHADE has built a reputation of reliability and provides clients such as military bases with high-quality, durable shade structure solutions that offer weather protection in style.

Request a Quote

Wondering how a shade structure would benefit your military base? Fill out our contact form to request a free quote today. At USA SHADE, we'll be happy to discuss your many design options and custom shade choices to help add functionality and aesthetic appeal to your military base.

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