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Many businesses have seen an increase in curbside pickup, also known as click and collect shopping. Customers enjoy the convenience of being able to purchase items online and then simply head to the store to pick up their order without having to leave their vehicle. Providing extra accommodations, like shade structures, can help your business cater to your customers even more.

With curbside pickup, customers place an order online or by phone, and a staff member at the store gathers the items. Once the order is complete, the customer arrives at the store and parks in the designated curbside pickup parking area. A staff member brings the products directly to the customer's vehicle.

While this is an innovative way to bring products to consumers, some days reach soaring temperatures with the sun blazing. Commercial shade structures can help your business keep your employees and customers cool during prime pickup hours by providing shade at your curbside lots.

Benefits of Click & Collect Shade Structures from USA SHADE

When you install shade structures from USA SHADE, you can expect:

  • Reduced temperatures: On the sunniest days, a commercial shade structure can lower temperatures by as much as 20°F.
  • Durability: On days when the wind picks up, have peace of mind knowing that USA SHADE steel structures can handle up to 90 mph winds.
  • Customizability: You can have your shade structure's design and colors coordinate with your business aesthetics.

Types of Shade Structures for Curbside Pickup

USA SHADE has a variety of options to choose from that can help you provide protection from the sun with a customized experience. Check out some of our shade structures for curbside pickup and click & collect.

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Help your employees and customers stay cool during curbside pickup with a high-quality shade structure from USA SHADE. Our shade structures can reduce temperatures and protect against harmful UV rays. Request a quote online today to start improving your click and collect experience.

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