Car Wash

Shade Structures for a Car Wash

Commercial car wash shade structures can help protect employees, clients and cars at your business.

At USA SHADE and Fabric Structures, we design and manufacture shade structures with many benefits for your business:

  • A custom car wash canopy can attract drivers and drive-by traffic while supporting branding and marketing efforts
  • Car shade structures can shade vehicles and guests during post-wash services
  • Car wash canopy structures can shade cars drying in the parking lot
  • Structures offer shade for customers and employees in detailing areas and vacuum bays
  • Shade structures enhance customer comfort and the experience
  • Structures can reduce glare and direct sun contact at a car wash, which can help prevent streaks and show your staff where a car needs more detailing or cleaning
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Custom, Permanent Car Wash Canopies

USA SHADE offers permanent car sun shade structures for your car wash. Among the most popular are:

  • Square and Rectangle: Hip and pyramid structures offer plenty of coverage and clean lines. These shade structures are available with different numbers of columns or posts and various mounting designs, to help match your structure to your car wash. These products can include a zinc-rich primer to protect against water and soap, and DSA-approved Shadesure® and Colourshade® FR materials are available.
  • Cantilever Structure: These structures are ideal for detailing bays and any area where you don’t want cars to have to drive through multiple posts. These structures offer maximum shade while keeping columns to a minimum and out of the way. You can combine the structures to create an entire “route” customers can move through as they vacuum, get their cars detailed and take care of other tasks.
  • Shade Sail: These unique triangular shade shapes offer visual interest as well as shade for vacuum bays and other outdoor spaces at your car wash. You can even join or overlap sails to create a unique look while also letting more air into the shaded space.

Our shade structures have been integrated into countless car wash properties, and we can develop custom solutions for your business as well.

Why Choose USE SHADE for Your Car Wash Shade Structures?

USA SHADE has extensive capabilities, and we can offer support in every stage of the process, from design to fabrication, project management, installation and more. We offer industry-leading innovation as well as quality, sturdy fabrics and materials. We have worked with multiple car washes, providing permanent car sun shade structures for Lakeside Car Wash, Arbor Car Wash Guadalupe and Carmel Car Wash in Texas. We provided hip structures covering up to 5,000 square feet to protect cars, clients and vehicles while offering plenty of space to move around and work on the cars.

USA SHADE has created and installed over 300,000 shade structures in our three decades in this industry, so it’s no exaggeration to say we’re among the leaders in this market. When you want quality structures designed for your car wash’s specific needs, contact USA SHADE to get a quote.

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