Golf Course Shade Structures

Being out on the golf course and perfecting a swing is a popular way to spend a day outdoors. However, even avid golfers are less willing to spend hours in the sun without any shade to keep them cool. Our selection of high-quality driving range shade structures will enhance your course, providing a welcomed sanctuary from sun exposure without compromising the natural beauty of the course.

USA SHADE and Fabric Structures has created a selection of standard and custom shade structures that give golfers the elbow room they need to score a birdie without any obstruction. Our shade structures can be installed in driving ranges and break areas to give your customers the best experience possible.

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Benefits of Installing Golf Driving Range Shade Structures

Why install golf driving range shade? There are plenty of reasons, including: 

  • Increased comfort for your golfers: Spending hours in the sun can lead to heatstroke, dehydration and discomfort. By installing shade structures, you provide your golf course visitors with a chance to take a breather and enjoy some protection from the sun. The more positive and comfortable their experience, the more likely visitors are to return and recommend your facility to others.
  • Protection for your turf and equipment: Golfers aren't the only ones who appreciate protection from the sun. Covering areas where you store golf carts or other equipment will reduce their amount of sun exposure and keep them from fading or warping under hot conditions.
  • Encouragement for visitors to stay longer: If your golfers are comfortable, they are more likely to spend their time at your facility, keeping your golf course vibrant and thriving.
  • Improved aesthetic appeal: Our shade structures are designed to be high-quality and visually appealing, with custom touches that fit well with your establishment's style. You can also incorporate branding or signature color palettes for a subtle look that's unique to your course.
  • Extended usability: Thanks to shade structures, your golf course is just as usable on a hot summer's day as it is in the spring or fall. The sun no longer has to be a barrier to your visitors having a wonderful day on the green.

Our Shade Structures for Golf Courses

USA SHADE is a leader in designing, manufacturing and installing shade structures for golf courses and other outdoor areas. With the many designs, materials, shapes and colors available in our shade structure inventory, you're sure to find the right solution to protect golfers on the course.

USA SHADE offers a wide range of golf course shade structures for driving ranges, walkways, lounging areas and more, including:

  • Single-post pyramid shade structures: Single-post shade structures are made for areas that need shade but don't have room for columns. With a single post, golfers will have plenty of room for walking and lounging. These shade structures are available in a variety of designs to bring a unique look to your golf course.
  • Cantilever shade structures: Cantilever shade structures offer shade without obstructive columns. Choose from many design options, including the full hip cantilever. Cantilever shade structures feature one or two columns with an awning extending to the side. They're ideal for driving range stalls, seating areas and more.
  • Square and rectangular shade structures: Our square and rectangular shade structures are a simple, cost-effective solution for providing shade at your golf course. The straight lines and roof designs offer a modern look, and these shade structures are versatile for use in any area.
  • Shade sail structures: Our commercial shade sails provide shade and a modern aesthetic. This type of shade structure is also known as a shade kite due to its appearance. The columns are adjustable, and you can set each column at a different height to change the shape of the fabric. Choose a three-, four- or five-point sail.
  • Custom shade structures: Does your golf course need a unique solution? USA SHADE designs and manufactures custom shade structures. Our team will help you create a shade structure that meets your requirements.

Discover the Unique Features of Driving Range Shade

USA SHADE is known for premium quality products and reliable turnkey service. Our team of experts is here to support your business' goals by creating and installing custom shade structures for your golf course. For more than 25 years, we have developed a reputation for outstanding results, using long-lasting materials and superior technology. 

Our custom design abilities run from the structure's initial conceptualization to its installation at your golf course. USA SHADE's service is based on a lasting partnership that takes your ideas and inspiration and turns them into reality.

Request a Quote for Golf Shade Structures

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