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Aquariums and marine theme park destinations such as SeaWorld draw larger crowds during the summer — a time when the sun's harshest rays are at work. How can you protect animals and patrons without compromising the outdoor design aesthetic of the aquarium? The answer is simple: shade structures for aquariums. Both visitors and the sea life at open-air aquariums benefit from a cooler and more comfortable aquatic environment through high-quality shade structures.

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Benefits of Shade Structures for Aquariums

Protecting visitors from the sun's rays creates a cooler, safer destination and encourages a longer visit which can lead to increased revenue for your aquarium. Additional benefits of incorporating shade structures into an aquarium's site plan include:d

  • It provides a better environment for sea life: These modular or custom shade structures offer relief from the sun without detracting from your aquarium's architectural aesthetic.
  • Keeps areas cooler: Air can pass through fabric top of a shade structure, keeping the space underneath cooler and more breathable than a solid wood or metal structure.
  • Increases guest comfort: Keep patrons comfortable as they venture through your aquarium and enjoy the shaded outdoor space. A pleasant visit increases the likelihood visitors will return again and recommend your aquarium to others.
  • Protects equipment: Shade structures for aquariums keep outdoor equipment and furniture protected from the sun's rays and other elements. This helps to keep surfaces of things like benches and tables cool and prolong its use.

Why Choose USA SHADE?

Whether you need to install shade over a play area or an animal exhibit, you'll find that the shade structures from USA SHADE and Fabric Structures are a premier quality solution and an excellent addition to any aquarium or theme park. Each shade structure is fully customizable to your aquatic exhibits, from design integrations and color schemes to shape and size. When you work with us, our shade experts collaborate with you to choose the best shade options for your aquarium and guide you through the process from design to installation.

When you choose USA SHADE as your shade structure manufacturer, you'll enjoy many benefits, including access to turnkey shade structure services. Reasons to choose USA SHADE include:

  • Our in-house Architectural Specialist Division partners with Architects, Landscape Architects, and other Design Professionals to integrate site-specific design solutions into your outdoor aquarium or theme park plan.
  • As the first fabric structure manufacturer in California to receive Division of the State Architect (DSA) approval, USA SHADE offers the largest selection of the most reliable and high-quality DSA pre-approved shade structures.
  • USA SHADE offers expertise and world-class customer service that will put you in the driver's seat when it comes to enhancing the outdoor experience of your destination.
  • Our clients can choose from a wide range of pre-designed shade structures or explore customized solutions to meet your specifications.

Request a Free Quote Today

If your aquarium could benefit from shade structures, USA SHADE is here to help. Our friendly team is always happy to discuss shade options for your outdoor space. For nearly 3 decades, USA SHADE has designed and installed durable and innovative shade structures for aquariums and other facilities. Request a free quote today and learn more about how we can help you reimagine the use of your outdoor spaces.

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