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Tennis Court

  • Tennis shade structures protect spectators and athletes from the sun's heat and UV rays on various properties, including college campuses, resorts, and hotels across the nation.
  • Custom designs, such as the 6-Column Super Span Hip, slant hip structures, and cantilever structures, offer flexibility for various court configurations.
  • USA SHADE ensures tailored shade structures for tennis courts, meeting specific needs and design preferences.
  • Shaded tennis courts not only attract more players and crowds but also protect against UV rays, offering a customizable solution for different athletic court types, including pickleball and padel courts.
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For almost three decades, USA SHADE has inspired stunning outdoor tennis shade structures that protect spectators and athletes alike from the sun’s heat and UV rays on college campuses, resorts, hotels and other properties across the nation. With our extensive selection of commercial shade products, custom options, and the qualified shade architects of our Architectural Specialists Division, we ensure that you get the exact shade structures and solutions your tennis courts need.

Our team includes shade consultants, engineers and design professionals with decades of combined experience. We can ensure that the shade structures you choose work seamlessly with your tennis courts, regardless of the design vision or needs of your space. Whatever the aesthetic, purpose or look of the area you want to cover — sleek, minimalist private courts, a parks-and-recreation facility, or a college campus — our shade experts can deliver the tennis court shade structures you need.


Our shade structures can be found covering tennis courts at recreation centers, sports facilities, tourism businesses and other athletic facilities throughout the United States. They have the added benefit of being more cost-effective than building an indoor tennis facility and more aesthetically pleasing than an outdoor tennis bubble, keeping players and spectators comfortable for hours.

Since covering courts isn’t always a one-type-fits-all project, our team can design and manufacture custom tennis court shade structures for you, in order to ensure the project is customized to your needs. Our 6-Column Super Span Hip is also a popular option for covering courts, and slant hip shade structures and cantilever structures are ideal for covering tennis court bleacher and seating areas.

Our turnkey solutions have become even more innovative with the launch of our Architectural Specialist Division. Whether we’re evaluating your court, creating plans, or managing the construction and installation of your project, our shade experts are uniquely equipped to handle every detail of providing shade for your tennis facilities.

Shade for outdoor sports facilities benefits from better air flow, temperature reduction, increased usability in hot climates, and adds to the court’s aesthetic. Turn shaded comfort into one hot sports attraction with USA SHADE. Why incorporate our shade structures on your tennis court?

  • Shaded courts bring more players and crowds.
  • Shade structures protect players and spectators from harmful UV rays.
  • Our structures can be custom designed for any size.

In addition to tennis facility shade structures, we also provide pickleball court shade structures and padel court shade structures. Our team even developed the shade structures for the US Pickleball Championship court. Our shade experts would be happy to discuss shade solutions for any type of athletic court with you.

Our team combines the highest-quality shade structures available with extensive customization options to create the look and functionality you need for any tennis court shade project.

Our shade structures can cover your facility’s parking areas, bleachers or seating areas, or just the tennis courts themselves. The design of our shade structures ensures clear sight lines and provides a more comfortable atmosphere for players and spectators alike, creating a unique environment where everyone can share a more enjoyable sports experience.

To start the design process, contact us or request a quote today.