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  • USA SHADE offers a range of commercial shade structures for stadiums, ensuring spectators stay cool and comfortable during games, preventing skin burn and heat exhaustion.
  • Prevention of UV exposure, equipment longevity, and an upgraded family-friendly environment.
  • USA SHADE provides unique benefits such as enhanced aesthetics, brand awareness, and improved stadium layout.
  • Improve the overall stadium experience by offering a cool and shaded space on sunny days, encouraging attendance and ensuring the well-being of those working in the sun.
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Open-air stadiums are popular designs to increase airflow, enjoy natural light and provide an opportunity to spend time outdoors. However, these facilities can also put visitors in direct sun during the hottest time of day. Spectators can suffer from skin burn and heat exhaustion due to over-exposure to the sun. USA SHADE and Fabric Structures has designed a wide variety of shade structures to keep fans cool and comfortable so that they can sit back and enjoy the game.


Incorporating new stadium shade structures can be an upfront cost to your business. However, this cost is an investment that pays off with a variety of valuable benefits. Consider these advantages to adding better shade solutions to your stadium:

  • Players and spectators alike will enjoy the added comfort of a cool, shaded space on a sunny day. Over time, this will result in repeat customers who are more likely to visit your stadium even on the hottest days.
  • Preventing UV exposure and damage and creating a family-friendly environment that encourages parents to bring children to games.
  • Extending the longevity of your equipment, turf and seating thanks to reduced sun exposure.
  • A customized opportunity to enhance the look of your stadium, spread awareness of your brand and upgrade your stadium’s layout.
  • Improving the experience for your employees, concession sellers and referees, who may otherwise spend a significant amount of time working in the sun.

At USA SHADE, we’re here for everything under the sun. Our nearly three decades of experience creating reliable shade structures have led to partnerships with sports facilities across the country. The USA SHADE team features designers and project managers who work together to provide a turnkey solution for each client. This includes designing custom structures, working attentively to complete projects on time, manufacturing products using high-quality materials and offering expert installation services. We also collaborate with architects to deliver the finest results in the industry.

When it comes to your business, USA SHADE structures don’t rely on tried-and-tested methods. We can customize your product to ensure the right fit and look for your stadium. In the past, we’ve crafted and engineered covers that bring stadiums from dwindling crowds to maximum capacity during game days. We’ve also created unique shade structures that offer comfortable and unobstructed views of the court for fans in the bleachers.

Our custom approach ensures that no matter what you need, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure our structures are the solution.

Are you interested in learning more about our innovative approach? Reach out to us today to discover the USA SHADE difference and begin the process of installing shade structures in your stadium. To learn more about our prices, request a free quote.