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Wave Shade Structures

Wave shade structures provide unique and innovative aesthetics, adding excitement and color to any area in need of shade. These structures are designed to represent a “wave”, with peaks and valleys. Because of this shape, Wave structures are ideal for aquatic facilities, pool areas, outdoor seating, and much more. Here are our options:

  • Lengths and widths (must be equal) available from 10’ (min) to 30’ (max); must be equal; entry height 7’ ~ 15’ on the low side
  • Base Plate and Embed mounting designs
  • Shadesure or Colourshade FR fabrics (DSA-approved) available
  • Common accessories include logos and zinc-rich primer
Canti Wave Shade Structure

Canti Wave

Similar to our standard Wave structure, this design enables columns to be placed away from the area being covered.

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Wave Shade for Parks


Designed to mimic the look of a wave, our Wave structure features a peak-and-valley shape, and is ideal for aquatic and park areas requiring plenty of shade.

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Sun and glare are a concern in any pool or water area. Providing quality shade ensures your visitors can stay longer and can swim or relax comfortably without getting overheated or sunburned as easily.

If you have any area with a water theme, USA SHADE wave structures are a stylish and practical solution.

The Canti Wave style offers a sophisticated look and keeps columns away from the main shaded area, ensuring they will not get in the way of a pool or seating area. This is ideal for ensuring there is plenty of open space for shaded lounge chairs around the pool. This type of shade structure can provide shade for larger spaces, but those enjoying the shade don’t have to sacrifice their view, as the multiple panels still allow visitors to see the sky. Additionally, this type of structure can mesh extremely well with your aquatic-focused theme, as its panels are in the shape of sails - thus providing for an enhanced, cohesive aesthetic.

The wave shade from USA SHADE has peaks and valleys for a pleasing look and four columns for plenty of stability. You can often find this and the Canti Wave at beaches, recreation areas and in pools around the country.

USA SHADE for your Aquatic Space

USA SHADE offers a range of shade products for your aquatic area and outdoor seating areas, giving you a wealth of selection. We carefully work to help you find quality commercial shades that help you serve your visitors. All our shade structures are built with quality materials so they last, and we work hard to build good relationships with our customers. And we’re willing to work even harder to ensure you get the shade you’ve always wanted. Our team is made up of dedicated shade experts who are willing to work with you every step of the way. We even have custom capabilities to ensure you don’t have to settle during any stage of your project.

Contact USA SHADE today to learn about our solutions and to get the process started, and enjoy your shade solutions faster!