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Commercial Shade Structures in Virginia

USA SHADE is the leader in shade structures, with more than 300,000 commercial projects completed across the United States, including multiple locations in Virginia. At USA SHADE, we’re designers, engineers, and fabricators, ready to assist through every stage of the project – whether it is a specific custom design or just a general need for shade.

USA SHADE is a vertically integrated business. This allows us to deliver on the customer’s vision by customizing the design, manufacturing in-house, and efficiently installing shade structures on-site.

The Benefits of Working With USA SHADE in Virginia

There are many advantages to working with USA SHADE in Virginia:

  • We are highly experienced commercial shade structure providers, which allows us to handle virtually any project of any size.
  • We’re a GSA-approved vendor and have worked on numerous government and military shade structure projects.
  • Our shade structures help everyone stay comfortable and cooler outside, and avoid UV rays.
  • Our shade structures combine functionality and high-quality, durable fabrics with aesthetic appeal.
  • We honor the appearance and architectural features of each unique space.
  • We have nearly three decades of expertise in commercial shade structures.
  • The USA SHADE team collaborates with clients in every stage of the project, from conception to completion.


The USA SHADE Advantage

USA SHADE creates shade structures that marry innovative and sophisticated design with functionality. We draw on both technical and creative expertise to create shades that appeal to our customers in Virginia. We even work with architects and design professionals through our Architectural Specialist Division. Our team has worked on some of the largest shade structure projects with some of the top architects in this era.

In addition to our fully customized options, we also offer pre-designed and modular shade structures, including multi-sided, square, rectangle, cantilever, single-post, and specialty modular shades. We’re also known for our popular shade sails which add a unique aesthetic to any application. Whether you need a long shade structure for a walkway or a specific shape, such as a flower, we have modular options that can see your project completed quickly and within budget.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of shade structures for any given organization. These structures not only protect workers and visitors, they also make outdoor spaces more appealing. The right shade structure can turn underused outdoor areas into the most valuable part of a commercial property.

We are more than just a Virginia shade sail manufacturer, we are a true partner and we are here to help create amazing commercial shade structures, request a quote from USA SHADE today!