Introducing Haven™ Solar Structures

Designed and manufactured by Spotlight Solar. Beautiful Solar Structures.

USA SHADE is pleased to add Haven solar panel canopies to our extensive lineup of shade structures. These structures let users spend more time outdoors in comfort while staying powered up in an eco-friendly way. Haven supports multiple users and devices with numerous photovoltaic cells and ample power storage.

How Haven Solar Canopies Can Help Your Project or Business

Haven delivers value and an excellent return on investment by:

  • Attracting more visitors: Everyone enjoys a break from the sun's rays, and being able to power their devices simultaneously makes the experience even more relaxing.
  • Encouraging longer stays: There's time to savor one more drink or a meal on the welcoming patio when consumers don't have to leave to recharge a dead battery.
  • Promoting your eco-friendly commitment: Haven has options for digital messaging and signage to demonstrate your organization's commitment to caring for the environment.
  • Staying compliant with accessibility laws: The split-bench seating option is wheelchair-friendly and meets the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Offsetting costs: Local, state and federal programs such as the Inflation Reduction Act may provide financial credits for installing clean energy structures.

Best Places to Install Haven

Ideal installation spots for Haven include:

  • Schools: Move the classroom outside without sacrificing digital learning tools.
  • Recreation areas: Provide the power to capture video without worrying about missing a crucial moment due to battery drain.
  • Outdoor music venues: Stream live events with ease and continuous power access.
  • Corporate settings: Give online meetings a natural new background while keeping staff connected.

Advantages of Choosing Haven Solar Canopies

Haven drives value for your business or project in numerous ways, including:

  • Eye-catching design: The sleek aesthetic captures attention and offers visual appeal to guests.
  • Durable construction: Haven boasts powder-coated aluminum construction for sturdiness and corrosion resistance.
  • Easy installation: Installation is straightforward — three people with the right tools can complete it in about half a day.
  • Versatile solar canopy lighting: Haven complements many locations and provides warm LED lighting with simple programming features.
  • Environmental stewardship: This elegant shade solution relies on solar power to keep devices charged, so it uses sustainable, renewable resources.
  • Thermally enhanced seating: The thermally modified ash wood seating resists moisture, fungi, pests, expansion and contraction for long-lasting use.
  • Customization: You can tailor Haven to your needs with different configurations, charging connections, hot spots and internet access.
  • Extended-use lithium batteries: The lithium battery system offers reliable operation for 10 years.
  • Weather-friendly power storage: Haven supplies three days of clean energy storage, so it still performs in overcast weather.
  • Remote management: An easy-to-use app lets structure owners and property managers monitor status and make programming adjustments from any connected device. 

Request a Quote for Haven Solar Canopies

USA SHADE has decades of experience helping architects, engineers and business owners transform their projects and properties with shade solutions for everything under the sun. We've partnered with Spotlight Solar to offer you Haven's versatility, beauty and value.

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