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Campbell School of Innovation playground shade

Commercial Shade Structures for Middle Schools

Are you in the process of planning updates for your existing middle school outdoor areas? Perhaps planning a completely new middle school for a booming community? Whether the school is old or new, USA SHADE and Fabric Structures can help.

For over a quarter of a century, USA SHADE has worked with middle schools and other educational facilities to optimize their green space by installing permanent shade structures. Putting a shade structure in your middle school will give you the opportunity to provide an area for students to grow, learn and play. It can also set your school apart from the rest. While middle school students may not be playing on a playground during breaks, they still spend a lot of time out in the sun for lunch, sports, walking to class, and assemblies. From outdoor eating areas to the courtyards where they study and socialize, shade structures are essential in protecting kids from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Start a conversation about shade structures for your middle school today by requesting a free quote. We look forward to sharing our ideas and showcasing our past projects, helping you plan out your ideal shade solutions for the future.


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Earn High Marks From Staff, Students and Parents Thanks to Shade Structures

When they are well-designed and professionally installed, shade structures can enhance the atmosphere and attractiveness at any middle school, whether urban or rural. In fact, our shade structures can provide several unique benefits. For instance, your school can:

  • Enjoy a permanently shaded area for everyone to use: Doing so will give your school a cool, comfortable place for teachers to hold outdoor classes or for kids to study or relax during downtime or even after school.
  • Use your new outdoor space for a variety of purposes: Consider offering the space as a place for kids to eat lunch on a beautiful sunny day. You can also treat it as the perfect area for outdoor events like school concerts and assemblies.
  • Talk about your shade structure area: When you are encouraging parents and guardians to entrust your school with their children's academic future, discussing what you have to offer is important. Highlighting you safe, shaded outdoor spaces can be especially useful for admissions counselors at private middle schools because it supports sun safety for students and teachers.
  • Make your shade structure unique: Incorporating custom shade options like school colors, logos, or lighting features can become the cornerstone of having a unique feature structure that sets your school apart from the others. We offer a variety of different shade structure designs and fabric color options to choose from.
  • Include your new shaded area in more than just playgrounds: For instance, a large, shaded outdoor seating area or amphitheater can work as a usable space for administration or staff and faculty meetings.
  • Offer your shade structure to others: It can act as a multi-purpose space for community members to hold events like plays, dances, and other venue needs.

Think beyond your current middle school building or campus design. Shade structures can improve space in an immediate way to completely transform how your middle school interacts with outdoor areas. Outdoor shade structures give everyone a cool place to learn, grow, and bond.

Social Distancing Solutions

Our permanent structures can also help provide social distancing for your school. Contact us here to learn more about our outdoor classroom solutions.

Work With Our Architectural Specialist Division

Our architectural specialist division is just a design consultation request away. Connect with us now to find out how we can work together to develop custom solutions for your middle school.