Commercial Shade Structures for Water Parks

Water Park Shade Structures

Shade structures provide function and design aesthetic to your outdoor water park or aquatic center. At USA SHADE & Fabric Structures, we offer many different commercial shade structures for a wide range of solutions, including custom design capability and turnkey services.

In addition to providing safe and cool spaces for water park visitors and staff, our commercial shade products can be completely customized to meet your design requirements — choose from a variety of colors, shapes, styles, and sizes. Encourage longer water park visits by protecting park visitors from dangerous heat and harmful UV rays with our innovative shade solutions.

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Benefits of Shade Structures for Water Parks

At USA SHADE, our commercial shade structures are designed for heat and UV protection with the added benefit of complementing the outdoor water park design. Other advantages to investing in shade structures for your water park include:

  • Protecting your site amenities and equipment: Extend the life of your water park equipment by shading it from exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays. Avoid having to replace your tables and chairs year after year. Investing in commercial shade structures for your water park makes sense when you want to protect site amenities such as bamboo seating, chaise lounges, wicker furniture, chairs with cushions and other water park equipment, to help them last longer.
  • Keeping guests comfortable: Once your shade structures are in place, guests and their personal belongings such as phones, glasses, beverages, and other personal items out will have protection from overheating and stay cool under the shade.
  • Adding custom shade structures to meet design specifications: Our shade structure options includemultiple fabric options, size, and electrical integrations to fit your specifications.
  • Providing functional value: When you protect children and families from the sun's harsh rays and extreme heat, it gives them a reason to stay longer and return to your water park. This type of amenity can ultimately increase revenue and more foot traffic to your outdoor space.

Why Choose USA SHADE?

For almost three decades, USA SHADE has collaborated with many satisfied clients to bring water park shade visions to life with our turnkey commercial shade structures. We can help clients design the perfect shade solution for your space with our custom capabilities or choose from a wide selection of pre-designed shade structures. Other reasons to choose USA SHADE as your commercial shade structure manufacturer include:

  • World-class customer service: We believe in our relationships with our clients. As a vertically integrated business, we offer comprehensive resources and attentive customer service to successfully engage in lasting partnerships.
  • Architectural Specialist Division: Through our Architectural Specialist Division, our Architectural Specialists partner with Architects, Landscape Architects, and other design professionals to seamlessly integrate custom shade structures for water parks, aquatic centers, and other markets.
  • Industry expertise: Since 1991, USA SHADE has been the pioneer and innovator of shade structures all across North America, delivering more than 300,000 commercial shade structures to a variety of markets, including water parks, and aquatic centers. 
  • Custom design capabilities: Give your water park a competitive edge with a shade structure customized to your outdoor space, elevating branding recognition, or establishing a focal feature at your water park destination.

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At USA SHADE, our commercial shade solutions are known for their durability, their quality, and the comfort they bring to any water park, business or organization. When you choose us as your commercial shade structure supplier, you'll enjoy ongoing support throughout the entire process, from initial design to installation.

Contact USA SHADE today for all your commercial shade structure needs, and request a quote with our team today.

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