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Winery & Brewery

  • Shade structures contribute to the overall aesthetics of the winery or brewery grounds, making them more inviting for visitors, especially during events and gatherings.
  • USA SHADE offers a wide range of shade structure options, including shade sails, rectangles, multi-sided shapes, and cantilever shades.
  • Shade structures safeguard visitors' vehicles in parking areas, cover rows in vineyards to benefit growers and workers, control shade to protect delicate grapes, shield fermentation tanks and equipment, and ensure employees working at these sites are comfortable.
  • Shade structures create versatile outdoor spaces that cater to multiple needs. These spaces can be used for outdoor seating areas, encouraging visitors to linger and sample wines or brews. They are also attractive venues for weddings and other events, adding an extra dimension to your business.
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Wineries are famous for hosting tasting events, weddings, and other gatherings commonly held outdoors. Our shade structures can provide the functionality of shade protection while adding to the overall aesthetics of the winery and grounds.

Grapes at wineries rely on the sun to create delicious wine, but winery shade structures are important to:

  • Protect visitors’ cars in the parking lot
  • Cover rows in the vineyard that help growers and workers
  • Control shade that can protect delicate grapes
  • Protect wineries fermentation tanks and other equipment, as well as the employees working at these sites
  • Provide shade walkways for additional comfort for visitors
  • Offer outdoor seating areas that encourage visitors to linger and sample wines and foods
  • Attract weddings and other events
  • Make your winery stand out and help with branding efforts

USA SHADE has a wide range of options, as well as custom shade structures for wineries, to help you brand your business, provide comfortable outdoor areas and create a venue space. We have already helped create more than 300,000 structures in 30 years for wineries, vineyards and other businesses.

There are many ways that shade structures benefit your winery or brewery. Shade solutions can keep all of your workers and visitors cool and comfortable while they enjoy your beverages and scenery.

Shade structures offer:

  • Permanent solutions: Instead of putting up and taking down shade structures each day, you can have a sturdy, lasting solution.
  • Increased value: If you decide to sell your winery or brewery down the road, shade structures can improve your property’s value.
  • Enhanced protection:  Harsh sunlight and UV rays are harmful to workers, equipment, and visitors. Shade structures offer thorough protection from the sun’s UV rays all year.
  • Improved appearance: Shade structures are architecturally appealing and can be customized to meet specific design requirements.

Shade structures are a reliable source of protection and comfort for everyone. USA SHADE has all of the durable materials needed to create the perfect setup for your winery or brewery.

USA SHADE can help you select the right option for your winery. We offer:

  • Square and Rectangle Hip Structures: These traditional options have a “roof” and four posts. They are an economical option for larger spaces. With different colors and fabrics, they can make a good option for courtyards, outdoor venues, wedding spaces and outdoor seating areas. They can also shield your equipment.
  • Multi-Sided Structures: Hexagons, triangles and other multi-sided shapes can create a sophisticated outdoor seating space and al fresco dining area, which can work for tours and tastings, as well as meetings.
  • Shade Sails: You can use shade structures in triangular sail shapes alone or in groups to create a larger shaded area while still letting in air. These are more unique and look spectacular over a seating area overlooking fields or a view. If your terrain has terraces or multiple levels, sails also come with different-sized posts to accommodate the land.
  • Cantilever Shades: In areas where you want maximum visibility and don’t have much space for posts, these structures rely on one or two posts to the side, leaving a large open area. They can be a great option for parking spaces, walkways and seating areas.

Many breweries have multiple outdoor areas that need protection from the sun. USA SHADE has a wide collection of products, and we can help you find the right match depending on where you want to add a shade structure.

Some common areas that need shade at breweries include:

  • Dining areas: The Panorama has conveniently placed columns, so it’s easy to organize tables underneath.
  • Walkways: The Wrap Around Hip covers long and wide walkways so people can walk around your property comfortably.
  • Outdoor waiting areas: The Arbor mimics the natural form of a treetop and you can place units closer together to create broader coverage.
  • Parking: The Slanted Cantilever Wing Cabled is large enough to cover multiple vehicles or a large outdoor seating area. These structures can be arranged in rows or back-to-back to minimize column obstruction.

We can match the color of our products to complement your branding and existing structures for a more cohesive look.