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Soccer Stadium

  • USA SHADE offers high-quality shade structures for soccer stadiums, providing a refreshing break for fans and players.
  • Shade structures ensure a positive experience for soccer stadium visitors, encouraging return visits and attracting new spectators.
  • Increase revenue by attracting visitors during the summer months with shade structures that protect both the soccer field and bleachers, creating a comfortable environment for spectators.
  • Implementing shade structures safeguards soccer stadiums from sun damage, protecting equipment, turf, and seating.
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Bring soccer fans and players together for a refreshing break under a quality shade structure. USA SHADE designs and engineers high-quality shade structures to improve the comfort and market appeal of soccer stadiums. Increase your revenue by attracting visitors throughout the summer months, thanks to shade structures for soccer stadiums that protect both the field and the bleachers.


Popular across the globe, soccer is an ideal way to play with a team, spend time outdoors and get your heart pumping. Soccer stadiums provide a central spot in the community for players and fans to support their local team. Of course, it’s difficult to do this with the sun in their eyes and the danger of overheating. Adding shade structures to your soccer stadium can lead to multiple benefits for both visitors and your business:

  • Ensure a positive experience for your visitors: Whether they’re sitting, standing or striking, staying cool is crucial to remaining comfortable. Providing a shaded area over the field, bleachers or both will encourage visitors to return and attract new visitors to your space.
  • Improve the aesthetic of your stadium: Quality fabric architecture is beautiful and, when customized to match the look of your stadium, can provide a fresh visual upgrade.
  • Increase your stadium’s revenue: If players and fans are comfortable visiting your stadium during the summer, your attendance rates will grow, leading to an increase in revenue.
  • Protect your stadium from sun damage: Soccer stadium shade structures can help prevent sun damage to your equipment, turf and seating. Over time, this will mitigate the risk of warping, discoloration and fading, lengthening the shelf life of your equipment.
  • Prevent harmful UV rays for kids: Sun exposure can lead to a host of dangerous effects. Children are particularly susceptible to risks such as overheating or dehydration. Protect your visitors and offer parents extra peace of mind when you provide a cool place to sit.

USA SHADE has a history of designing custom shade structures for soccer stadiums across the nation. Browse our featured projects for a glimpse into our designs. As a fabric structure design and technology industry leader for more than 25 years, USA SHADE offers a series of unique features, including:

  • A team of experts: Our team is well-seasoned in fabric structure design and manufacturing. We rely on impeccable project managers who ensure the process runs smoothly. Our team offers unmatched expertise and leadership every step of the way, from ideation to installation.
  • Unparalleled quality: We use only the finest materials to build tried and tested reliable structures. You can count on USA SHADE for quality products that will provide a long-lasting solution.
  • Lasting partnership: We strive to build a partnership with each of our clients, fostering transparent relationships and open communication. We hope our partnership will extend beyond one project, allowing us to gain continuous insight into your stadium’s needs and preferences.
  • Custom design: We tailor our shade structures according to your space, aesthetic and needs. We’ll work with you to ensure a finished result that matches your vision and brand.

To see these features come to life, reach out to USA SHADE today to request a free quote.