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Family Entertainment Centers

  • Shade structures for Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) enhance visitor and employee comfort, creating a more enjoyable atmosphere for families.
  • Commercial FEC shade structures from USA SHADE can be designed in fun shapes and colors, helping your entertainment center stand out and offering branding opportunities.
  • FEC shade structures offer shade for various areas, including batting cages, food zones, go-kart tracks, parking lots, and more, keeping visitors comfortable and protected from direct sunlight.
  • USA SHADE provides a range of shade structure options, including square/rectangle, multi-sided, single-post, shade sails, cantilever, and specialty/custom designs to suit the unique needs of your FEC.
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Family entertainment centers (FECs) rely on families enjoying themselves and wanting to stop by. Shade structures for FECs can help these businesses create a more comfortable environment for visitors and employees.

Family entertainment centers’ shade structures offer shade for batting cages, food areas, go-kart tracks, parking lots, miniature golf courses and more. Whether visitors are lining up for tickets or are on a ride, they can stay out of the sun’s direct rays, helping them stay comfortable and safer.

Commercial FEC shade structures can also be a great branding opportunity. USA SHADE and Fabric Structures can offer shade structures in fun shapes and colors to make your entertainment center stand out.


USA SHADE has different options for shade structures for your FEC:

  • Square and Rectangle: With a traditional roof structure, these shades are ideal for larger parking areas and batting cages and provide wide coverage. Our Super Span structures can cover up to 3,600 square feet and can be combined to cover even larger parking lot areas, go-cart tracks and other larger spaces.
  • Multi-Sided: Choose from octagon, hexagon and triangle shapes to cover mini golf areas, dining areas, rest stations and other non-traditional spots.
  • Single-Post: One post structures are a good fit for water parks, food courts and other areas.
  • Shade Sails: These structures have different size posts, making them a good choice for pool areas, water areas, playgrounds and any space with multiple levels.
  • Cantilever: One or two columns on these structures are ideal for bleachers, go-cart tracks and any space where you don’t want posts to interfere with visibility.
  • Specialty and Custom: USA SHADE can help you create the right shade for your needs, even if you need to cover a large parking area or need a long shade for ticket queues. We even have butterfly- or flower-shaped shades attracting visitors while keeping them cool.

For close to 30 years, USA SHADE has been the solution for organizations looking for shade structures with custom designs and high-quality materials that perform and look great. Businesses turn to us because our capabilities and excellent service allow us to create shade structures that meet specific needs. USA SHADE can handle every part of your project, from design to fabrication and installation. You can focus on serving your visitors while we create shade structures that are right for you.

USA SHADE is also a leader in expertise. We have helped many businesses, including the Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix Family Fun Center, with shade structures for their parking lots, play areas and more. To learn more, contact USA SHADE for a quote today.