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Wisconsin Shade Structures

Since 1991, USA SHADE has provided the most reliable and durable commercial shade structures in the country. Our turnkey services include the design, construction, and installation of shade structures to protect visitors from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Shade structures attract visitors and guests of establishments to enjoy and relax in the outdoor space by providing shade.

USA SHADE assists in creating shade for many businesses, schools, and government agencies, all with unique shade needs. Shade structures are an added benefit to many outdoor areas, including:

  • Benches on tennis courts
  • Playgrounds at parks and schools
  • Pools for HOAs and clubhouses
  • Patio seating for restaurants
  • Walkways at outdoor retail centers

By investing in commercial shade sail structures, your business invests in its customers and guests. Adding more versatility to an outdoor space can attract more visitors to a Wisconsin outdoor destination. See how USA SHADE can transform the outdoor experience by making it more usable while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Commercial Shade Structures

Wisconsin businesses and organizations know that the northern weather elements can be harsh in winter and surprisingly hot in the summer. USA SHADE engineers all structures to meet building code requirements, including snow-loaded structures or those with quick-release fabric tops.

We have worked with many clients in the state on solutions that fit their budgets and design specifications. Our understanding of the climate and other unique aspects of Wisconsin allows us to design commercial shade structures that benefit your business right away.

Benefits of Choosing USA SHADE for Your Business in Wisconsin

Our clients enjoy many advantages when working with USA SHADE. As a General Services Administration-approved vendor, we have built commercial shade structures for the United States military bases. We can provide the GSA-approved shade structure to government agencies. When companies work with our in-house Architectural Specialist Division, we collaborate with architects, landscape architects, and other design professionals to maintain the continuity of their design for outdoor spaces. Other benefits of working with us include:

  • Our in-depth knowledge of Wisconsin regulations and permitting processes.
  • Our use of durable, long-lasting materials, including steel and HDPE fabric.
  • Our custom design capabilities for any project.
  • Our outstanding, world-class customer service.


We are the top designer and manufacturer of commercial shade structures in the nation and we have helped many businesses in Wisconsin upgrade their outdoor spaces. Improve the outdoor experience at a church, school, playground, or business by adding shade. Contact us today to request a quote or a free design consultation.